Software-update: KOffice 1.6.1

KOffice is een opensource-officepakket voor de desktopomgeving KDE op Linux- en Unix-systemen. Het bestaat uit een aantal verschillende applicaties zoals een tekstverwerker (KWord), een spreadsheetprogramma (KSpread), een presentatieprogramma (KPresenter), een projectmanagementprogramma (KPlato), een tekenprogramma (Krita) en een databaseprogramma (Kexi). De ontwikkelaars hebben KOffice 1.6.1 uitgebracht en voorzien van de volgende veranderingen:

The following summarizes the major changes to the KOffice suite since the release of KOffice 1.6 (latest stable version). This is mainly a bug fix release, but some new feature were added to krita and kexi.

Security Fixes:
    KPresenter Import Filter for PowerPoint
    • There is a security issue in the import filter for MS Powerpoint, that is fixed with this release. Every KOffice user should upgrade to 1.6.1 for this reason alone.
New Features:
    • Support for declaring parameter queries in Design and SQL view; user is asked for entering value of a parameter in a dialog window before the query is executed.
    • Support for Data-aware combo boxes in the Data Table View and Form View, i.e. lookup columns (screenshots). Table Designer provides a tool for defining the lookup columns, i.e. data source for combo boxes (details).
    • Color levels filter
KOffice Libraries:
  • Fix compilation with kdelibs-3.3
  • Added a slot and a signal to make it possible to set the background/foreground mode and be notified when the mode has changed.
  • When a file has an unknown mimetype, don't error out, offer the user the filter chooser dialog instead (bug 135366)
  • Kspread crashed when indirect() function used (bug 136326)
  • Crash due to changing values on a cell (bug 135628)
  • Fix bad newline character representation (bug 136181)
  • Fix undo/redo apparently is not recalculating formulas (bug 128383)
  • Fix wrong handling of unary operator before a function (bug 135131)
  • OpenDocument
    • KSpread does not support fixed sheet references yet, so eat the appropriate dollars on import.
    • Fix loading of conditional formattings. Load them all.
  • Border to the text box when open with OO always save the stroke property (bug 136595)
  • Fix time duration of the presentation option is not saved (bug 136364)
  • Fix total number of pages variable doesn't work (bug 136363)
  • Fix compilation on Solaris (bug 135830)
  • Use xdg-utils (xdg-screensaver) when available, to enable/disable dpms+screensaver. As a benefit, kpresenter can now disable the gnome-screensaver or xscreensaver too, when not running in kde.
  • Fix security problem in opening ppt file (CVE-2006-6120)
  • Fix compilation with kdelibs-3.3
    Main Window
    • Switch contents of custom property tabs after switching the current tab/window (needed for Table Designer's tab)
    • Added a warning message box with "Errors encountered during loading plugins" message, controlled by dontShowWarningsRelatedToPluginsLoading configuration setting
    • Groups and items for nonexisting plugins are not visible now
    • Accessibility: property editor can be focused using an accelerator key; Alt+2 now focuses main area and Alt+3 focuses Property Editor
    Query Designer
    • Propery initialize newly appended rows
    • Fix setting up sorting in the design view
    • Fix setting up string constants as criteria
    • Show more error messages on opening query in design view (e.g. for unsupported column expressions)
    • Fix saving relationships: removed too strict checking for datatypes when creating relationships (signedness)
    • Refresh design view after a sequence of switches: text view -> data view -> design view
    • Column sorting is also supported for columns with cleared "visible" flag
    • SQL view's section header now provides an accelerator
    • Fix retrieving parameters of type Text
    Database Support Library (KexiDB)
    • Parser: improved types evaluation for expressions
    • kexi__objectdata.o_data field type changed from BLOB to LongText (backward compatible) to improve human-readability
    • Fix crash when an autofield's subwidget is painted but the parent is about to be deleted
    • Fix handling of Ctrl+Delete shortcut for "Delete current row" action
    • Fix crash when "Esc" key is pressed to "cancel row changes" and a combobox widget is focused
    • Fix displaying Date/Time values
    • Fix problem with setting "invalid" flag for fields with invalid data source
    • Database-aware combo box form widget works, improved data displaying, mouse and keyboard handling (bug 136688)
    • Display proper record when a new row was saved and user moved to previous record
    • Fix validating Big Integer numbers
    • Displaying dates (e.g. with format, bug 136688)
    • Fix displaying contents "Data Source" property for multiple selections; unnecessary updates removed (GUI is updated only after adding the last widget to the selection)
    • Fix displaying properties
    • Remove crash on close and problems with displaying properties
    • Do not update the property editor for every form (only one is active anyway)
    Table Designer
    • Byte datatype is always set to unsigned now
    • "Double precision" datatype is now the default for the floating point type group instead of Float (so we get better precision by default)
    • "combo" icon is displayed near the field name that have lookup column defined
    • "Lookup column" property tab added to the property pane
    Data Table View
    • Fix updating contents of the combobox's internal text editor after pressing F2 or Enter key
    • Fix possible crash on application's close
    • Fix copying/pasting values from the combo box (visible text is now copied/pasted)
    • Fix copying time and date/time values to clipboard
    • Fix pasting time, date and date/time values from clipboard
    • Visible values of types other than text or numbers are properly displayed (including images)
    • Fix displaying visible values (usually a text) for lookup columns when there's a default value defined in the referenced table
    • Better displaying tooltips for columns with lookup data
    • Sorting columns with lookup data works
    • Display proper record when a new row was saved and user moved to previous record (thanks to Sander Koning)
    • Fix validating Big Integer numbers
    • Fix drawing selection highlighting for the horizontal header immediately after scrolling the table
    • Multivalidator accepts everything by default (this avoids blocking data entry e.g. for text fields that have no specific validator assigned)
    • Simple_Database.kexi example updated: combo boxes are now used; example data looks better
  • Fix errors with the selection bounds (bug 136685)
  • Fix the layout of a preferences panel and of the blur filter
  • Re-instate Michael Thaler's superior scaling code for 8 bit cmyk, rgb and cmyk (because it's 8-bit channel dependent)
  • Remove superfluous "histogram" from labels (bug 136978)
  • Fix cimg filter spello
  • Fix the size of the swappiness slider
  • In YCbCrs colorspaces: disable profiles, as the only ycbcr profile we have seems to cause a lot more of trouble than it solves, and fix various problem of memory initialization as well (bug 136673)
  • Fill tool does not fill entire selection if select-all has been used (bug 135470)
  • Implement convolution for 16 bit lab
  • fix krita keeps producing windows when using Text tool with a tablet stylus (bug 136151)
  • Fix colorspace independence advertisement in blur, color to alpha, minmax and unsharp mask
  • Repaint problem in adding semi-transparant text (bug 130607)
  • Fix brush Shapes toolbar starts with wrong item (bug 130485)
  • Fix crop tool so clicking outside the image area works (bug 130481)
  • Emboss with variable depth now doesn't destroy alpha data anymore
  • Optimization in the convolution painter
  • Fix the bluring with alphaness in a faster way but a little bit more hacky
  • Fix crash with color to alpha and watercolor (bug 136671)
  • Don't crash when trying to access a non existent filter (bug 136461)
  • Fix copy and paste within a group layer causes a crash (bug 133124)
  • Fix crash when using color range on translated layer (bug 135148)
  • Fix the fill tool going mad when use with the tablet (bug 133148)
  • Import/export eps files using graphics magick
  • Add the forgra CMYK profile (public domain)
  • Fix of saving indexed pngs (bug 136122)
  • Optimization in the raindrop filter
  • Fix doesn't allow to use the float predictor for int images (bug 135649)
  • Allow reading and writing of float tiff
  • Disable bicubic and lanczos as they don't work (bug 135656)
  • Optimization on gradient filling
  • Associate krita with jpeg, png,... for kdelibs 3.5.5
  • Optimize painting
  • Fix reading and saving of circles from/to odg (bug 136497)
  • Check if there are objects selected before attempting to change their fill or stroke
  • Keep foreground/background mode and colors between color docker and stroke/fill preview in sync
  • Do not call selectionChanged on all views when a command is executed, only do it within the active view (bug 134900)
  • Apply the page format and orientation to the printer before printing (bug 135750)
  • Fix crash after copying image (bug 135746)
  • Actually set and read the data area (first step towards a fix for bug 134194)
  • Fix misinterpretation of the checkbox "first row as label" (bug 128758)
  • Work around a bug in the KChartWizardLabelsLegendPage: The wizard does not have a checkbox [x] relative for the font sizes, so we now assume that font sizes are relative in all cases (bug 124601)
  • Fix font issues in the axis labels
  • ODF: Save axis titles. Text only, but styles will follow
  • Be more permissive with table loading, since text nodes may appear
  • Increase checking while loading MathML / OpenDocument files
  • Fix loading of old KFO documents embedded in all KWord format
Versienummer 1.6.1
Besturingssystemen Linux, BSD, Solaris
Website KOffice Project
Licentietype GPL

Door Japke Rosink


01-12-2006 • 09:57

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Submitter: Anoniem: 51718

Bron: KOffice Project


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Wijzig sortering
Ik snap wel dat ze overal wel een K voor willen zetten om duidelijk te maken dat het een KDE-pakket is, maar het staat een beetje suf. KOffice :D
Is er ook een KDE versie van offie? :Y)
en zijn nog wel mat meer koffice componenten die niet in de bevenstaande text staat (wel in de changelog)

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