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Software-update: Python 2.4.4

Python is een object geörienteerde programmeertaal waarmee simpele tot complexe platform-onafhankelijke applicaties kunnen worden ontwikkeld. Voor een handleiding gericht op beginners kan je op deze pagina terecht. Deze taal wordt door veel bedrijven gebruikt waar onder Industrial Light & Magic, Google en NASA. De ontwikkelaars hebben versie 2.4.4 uitgebrachten voorzien van de volgende lijst met aanpassingen:

What's New in Python 2.4.4?
    • Bug #1578513: Cross compilation was broken by a change to configure. Repair so that it's back to how it was in 2.4.3.
What's New in Python 2.4.4c1?
    Core and builtins
    • Bug #1456209: In some obscure cases it was possible for a class with a custom ``__eq__()`` method to confuse dict internals when class instances were used as a dict's keys and the ``__eq__()`` method mutated the dict. No, you don't have any code that did this ;-)
    • A number of places, including integer negation and absolute value, were fixed to not rely on undefined behaviour of the C compiler anymore.
    • Patch #1567691: super() and new.instancemethod() now don't accept keyword arguments any more (previously they accepted them, but didn't use them).
    • staticmethod() and classmethod() also now complain about keyword args instead of silently ignoring them.
    • Bug #1331062: Fix error in UTF-7 codec.
    • Bug #1365916: Fix an int/long mismatch in the sorted() built-in.
    • Fix memory leak of coding spec in Parser/tokenizer.c.
    • Fix memory leak in file_init.
    • Fix segfault when doing string formatting on subclasses of long.
    • Overflow checking code in integer division ran afoul of new gcc optimizations. Changed to be more standard-conforming.
    • Fix some potential crashes found with failmalloc.
    • Fix warnings reported by the Coverity and Klocwork static analysis tools.
    • Patch #1541585: fix buffer overrun when performing repr() on a unicode string in a build with wide unicode (UCS-4) support.
    • Bug #1536786: buffer comparison could emit a RuntimeWarning.
    • Bug #1535165: fixed a segfault in input() and raw_input() when sys.stdin is closed.
    • Bug #1524310: Properly report errors from FindNextFile in os.listdir.
    • Bug #1232517: An overflow error was not detected properly when attempting to convert a large float to an int in os.utime().
    • Bug #927248: Recursive method-wrapper objects can now safely be released.
    • Bug #992017: A classic class that defined a __coerce__() method that returned its arguments swapped would infinitely recurse and segfault the interpreter.
    • Bug #532646: The object set to the __call__ attribute has its own __call__ attribute checked; this continues until the attribute can no longer be found or segfaulting. Recursion limit is now followed.
    • Bug #1454485: Don't crash on Unicode characters <0.
    • Patch #1488312, Fix memory alignment problem on SPARC in unicode
    • fixed a bug with bsddb.DB.stat: the flags and txn keyword arguments were transposed.
    Extension Modules
    • #1494314: Fix a regression with high-numbered sockets in 2.4.3. This means that select() on sockets > FD_SETSIZE (typically 1024) work again. The patch makes sockets use poll() internally where available.
    • Fix buffer handling in posix.confstr.
    • Bug #1572832: fix a bug in ISO-2022 codecs which may cause segfault when encoding non-BMP unicode characters.
    • Fixed a few bugs in cjkcodecs:
      • gbk and gb18030 codec now handle U+30FB KATAKANA MIDDLE DOT correctly.
      • iso2022_jp_2 codec now encodes into G0 for KS X 1001, GB2312 codepoints to conform the standard.
      • iso2022_jp_3 and iso2022_jp_2004 codec can encode JIS X 2013:2 codepoints now.
    • Bug #1556784: allow format strings longer than 127 characters in datetime's strftime function.
    • gcmodule: add a missing incref.
    • threadmodule: add a missing incref.
    • Bug #1551427: fix a wrong NULL pointer check in the win32 version of os.urandom().
    • Patch #1535500: fix segfault in BZ2File.writelines and make sure it raises the correct exceptions.
    • Make regex engine raise MemoryError if allocating memory fails.
    • Bug #1471938: Fix curses module build problem on Solaris 8; patch by Paul Eggert.
    • Bug #1548092: fix curses.tparm() segfault on invalid input.
    • cursesmodule: fix a number of reference leaks with 'python -v'; handle failure from PyModule_GetDict (Klocwork 208).
    • Bug #1512695: cPickle.loads could crash if it was interrupted with a KeyboardInterrupt.
    • Change binascii.hexlify() to accept any read-only buffer and not just a char buffer.
    • Fixed a potentially invalid memory access of CJKCodecs' shift-jis decoder.
    • Calling Tk_Init twice is refused if the first call failed as that may deadlock.
    • Patch #1191065: Fix preprocessor problems on systems where recvfrom is a macro.
    • Bug #1467952: os.listdir() now correctly raises an error if readdir() fails with an error condition.
    • Fix bsddb.db.DBError derived exceptions so they can be unpickled.
    • Bug #1117761: bsddb.*open() no longer raises an exception when using the cachesize parameter.
    • Bug #1493322: bsddb: the __len__ method of a DB object has been fixed to return correct results. It could previously incorrectly return 0 in some cases. Fixes SF bug 1493322 (pybsddb bug 1184012).
    • pybsddb Bug #1527939: bsddb module DBEnv dbremove and dbrename methods now allow their database parameter to be None as the sleepycat API allows.
    • Bug #1545341: The 'classifier' keyword argument to the Distutils setup() function now accepts tuples as well as lists.
    • Bug #1560617: in pyclbr, return full module name not only for classes, but also for functions.
    • Bug #1566602: correct failure of posixpath unittest when $HOME ends with a slash.
    • Reverted patch #1504333 because it introduced an infinite loop.
    • Fix missing import of the types module in logging.config.
    • Bug #1112549, DoS attack on cgi.FieldStorage.
    • Bug #1257728: Complain about missing VS 2003 in the error message of msvccompiler, and mention Cygwin as an alternative.
    • Bug #1002398: The documentation for os.path.sameopenfile now correctly refers to file descriptors, not file objects.
    • Bug #1529297: The rewrite of doctest for Python 2.4 unintentionally lost that tests are sorted by name before being run. This rarely matters for well-written tests, but can create baffling symptoms if side effects from one test to the next affect outcomes. ``DocTestFinder`` has been changed to sort the list of tests it returns.
    • The email package has improved RFC 2231 support, specifically for recognizing the difference between encoded (name*0*=) and non-encoded (name*0=) parameter continuations. This may change the types of values returned from email.message.Message.get_param() and friends. Specifically in some cases where non-encoded continuations were used, get_param() used to return a 3-tuple of (None, None, string) whereas now it will just return the string (since non-encoded continuations don't have charset and language parts). Also, whereas % values were decoded in all parameter continuations, they are now only decoded in encoded parameter parts.
    • Bug #822974: Honor timeout in telnetlib.{expect,read_until} even if some data are received.
    • Bug #1267547: Put proper recursive call into the spec file generated by bdist_rpm.
    • Bug #1504333: Make sgmllib support angle brackets in quoted attribute values.
    • Bug #853506: Fix IPv6 address parsing in unquoted attributes in sgmllib ('[' and ']' were not accepted).
    • Bug #1117556: SimpleHTTPServer now tries to find and use the system's mime.types file for determining MIME types.
    • Bug #1339007: Shelf objects now don't raise an exception in their __del__ method when initialization failed.
    • Bug #1501223: Possible overflow in _PySys_Init() when reading the code page under Windows.
    • Patch #1478292. ``doctest.register_optionflag(name)`` shouldn't create a new flag when ``name`` is already the name of an option flag.
    • Bug #1473760: ``tempfile.TemporaryFile()`` could hang on Windows, when called from a thread spawned as a side effect of importing a module.
    • The ``__del__`` method of class ``local`` in module ``_threading_local`` returned before accomplishing any of its intended cleanup.
    • Patch #1191700: Adjust column alignment in bdb breakpoint lists.
    • The email module's parsedate_tz function now sets the daylight savings flag to -1 (unknown) since it can't tell from the date whether it should be set.
    • Bug #1460340: ``random.sample(dict)`` failed in various ways. Dicts aren't officially supported here, and trying to use them will probably raise an exception some day. But dicts have been allowed, and "mostly worked", so support for them won't go away without warning.
    • Bug #1472827: correctly escape newlines and tabs in attribute values in the saxutils.XMLGenerator class.
    • Patch #1110248: SYNC_FLUSH the zlib buffer for GZipFile.flush.
    • The Windows binaries for the _ssl module are now linked with OpenSSL 0.9.7l.
    • On Windows, there are no longer linker warnings when building the ``_bsddb`` project.
    • Bug #1568842: Fix test for uintptr_t.
    • Bug #1439538: Drop usage of test -e in configure as it is not portable.
    • Bug #1502728: Correctly link against librt library on HP-UX.
    • OpenBSD 3.9 and 4.0 are now supported.
    • Test for sys/statvfs.h before including it, as statvfs is present on some OSX installation, but its header file is not.
    • Fix test_long failure on Tru64 with gcc by using -mieee gcc option.
    • Bug #1541682: Fix example in the "Refcount details" API docs. Additionally, remove a faulty example showing PySequence_SetItem applied to a newly created list object and add notes that this isn't a good idea.
    • Clarified documentation for tp_as_buffer->bf_getcharbuffer.
    • Bug #1337990: clarified that ``doctest`` does not support examples requiring both expected output and an exception.
    • Bug #1535182: really test the xreadlines() method of bz2 objects.
    • Patch #1529686: test_iterlen and test_email_codecs are now actually run by
    • Fix the socket tests so they can be run concurrently.
Versienummer 2.4.4
Besturingssystemen Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux, BSD, Windows XP, macOS, Solaris, UNIX, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP x64, Windows XP IA-64, Windows Server 2003 x64, Windows Server 2003 IA-64
Website Python
Licentietype Voorwaarden (GNU/BSD/etc.)

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