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Bron: DivX Labs

De ontwikkelaars van DivX Labs zijn druk bezig geweest met Dr. DivX en hebben een nieuwe versie beschikbaar gesteld. Het programma kan verschillende videobeelden coderen met de DivX-codec waardoor de bestandsgrootte af zal nemen en de kwaliteit zichtbaar het zelfde zal zijn. Dr. DivX is sinds enige tijd beschikbaar onder de LGPL-licentie en kan op verschillende platformen draaien zoals Linux, Mac OS X en Windows 2000/XP. Echter de huidige release candidates werken alleen op het Windows-platform. De ontwikkelaars hebben de derde release candidate van Dr. DivX 2.0.0 uitgebracht met de volgende aanpassingen:

The Dr. is almost ready to take his position at the head of the encode operation table. He's got his scrubs on and is on his way to the operation room. It's time to get another snapshot of the Dr.

Thank you for the feedback and bug reports.

The Dr. hasn't changed much from his RC2 days, but we did fix a few annoying bugs. The Changelog is available in case you want to know what happened since RC2.

You know what to do: Uninstall previous version, install new version, run "Reset" to make sure you start off with a clean and prepped Dr.

A special thanks to the translators who updated the latest build of the Dr. There are still a few languages which haven't been updated yet; in case you are interested, head over to the translation page and help us out.

What are you waiting for? Download, install and get cracking on those encodes ;-)

Version 2.0.0 RC3:

What's new:
  • Display the DivX encoder version in the About tab of the Preferences
  • Store the DrDivX version & build information in the created files
  • Allow changing the resizing/crop filter in advanced features
  • Add support for encoding presets which are necessary for configuration when codec is in free state
What's fixed
  • Use the right crop settings after going in Advanced settings
  • Keep monitoring the right crop/resolution settings when switching profiles (preview update is correct)
  • Fix a crash when removing a job that was (too) long to stop from Batch
  • Fix a crash when an unsupported codec is found during encoding
  • Fix a crash when boost is set but the audio output is AC3
  • Resize some elements of the UI to better fit large languages and 120 DPI display
  • If user chose Interlaced output, turn B-VOPs off and disable B-VOP selection.
  • Handle free, trial and registered pro states of the codec correctly
  • Update framerate decimation when using a custom profile
  • Don't add a file from a Watch Folder until it's stable enough (date and size fixed)
  • Fix clipping audio when the channel mapping is guessed (AAC via
  • Support MBAFF in H264
  • Add support for Flash Screen Video codec
  • Add support for DivX codec resizing and cropping
  • Decode VC-1 via the WMV DMO if WMP11 is installed
Version 2.0.0 RC2:

What's new
  • Version checking using RSS feeds on SourceForge
  • Use mp3gain to boost the audio (enabled by default for built-in profiles)
  • Add some debug messages when calling the plugins
  • Add support for Auto-Publish in Upload plugin
  • Add a keyboard shortcut to open a file (Ctrl+O)
  • Ask confirmation before overwriting a user profile
  • Propose the list of existing profiles when selecting a name to save a profile
  • Add support for floating point quantizer values
  • Add support for plugin status reporting
What's fixed
  • Hide/Disable DivX encoder settings which are not available for specific certification levels
  • Interlaced option re-done to make it work with web profiler
  • Don't allow adding plugins to a finished job
  • Fix the video preview after internal job update changes
  • Disable batch and wizard modes
  • Include technical metadata
  • Disable user-specified metadata until new metadata solution is released
  • Fix crash when track selection dialog is dismissed after background analysis is over
  • Keep advanced parameters when reconfiguring a job
  • Avoid using recursive directories in watch folders
  • Avoid overwriting the source with the destination and make sure the output file is writable
  • Update job status widget based on currently selected job instead of currently running job
  • Fix crash when transcoding 5.1 AAC audio
  • Fix frame-rate detection for Canon MJPEG clips
  • Set correct crop mode in profile when autocrop is selected
  • Fix skip forward and skip backward during audio preview
  • Fix crash during analysis for HD .mov clips
  • Fix duration analysis on some MPEG source (using half frames packets)
  • Fix seeking in HuffYUV (all frames are keyframes)
  • Fix slow audio when using FFDShow decoder
  • Increase the size of the MPEG syncword search to skip NULL sectors in some DVDs (might give AV sync problems)
  • Fix DVR-MS frame loss problem (assume dts=pts)
  • Set a flag when an MPEG packet is just half a frame
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Reacties (3)

Ik heb dit programma een dik jaar geleden ook eens gebruikt. Het is erg gebruikersvriendelijk, maar de kwaliteit viel erg tegen. Grof beeld en blokjes waren erg duidelijk zichtbaar. Er viel ook zo goed als niets in te stellen.
Is dit inmiddels veranderd? Kan de kwaliteit zich inmiddels een beetje meten met de goede filmrips van internet?

Edit: ik ben toen overgestapt op AutoGK. Dit is echt stukken beter!
Dr.DivX is een van de weinige tooltjes waar je in 1x een MCE bestand kan omzetten naar DivX. Gardian Knot kan het nog niet.
Gordian Knot of AutoGK dient dan eigenlijk vooral - dacht ik - om enkel DVD-files naar Xvid of DivX om te zetten bijvoorbeeld.

Dr.Divx wil zich breder uitzetten om ook gewone 'flicks' voor via e-mail te verspreiden bijvoorbeeld te laten maken.

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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