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Software-update: AlmostVPN 1.0 Beta 5

AlmostVPN is een Preference Panel voor het Mac OS X-platform waarmee je verschillende ssh-tunnels in kan stellen. Het gebruikt launchd voor het aansturen van deze ssh-tunnels en kan tunnel definities importeren van de programma's SSH Tunnel Manager en SSHKeychain. Met AlmostVPN kan je op een eenvoudige manier bijvoorbeeld remote volumes aankoppelen via een SSH tunnel. De ontwikkelaar heeft besloten om te werken aan het uitbrengen van versie 1.0 en heeft hier de vijfde bétaversie van vrijgegeven. De veranderingen zien er als volgt uit:

Beta 5:
    What is new

    Visually complete. All controls I am planing to have operational for GA are there (but quite a few of them have not been hooked up yet)

    Now it is possible to remote Bonjour announced services (like iPhoto and iTunes).

    NOTE: when configuring Bonjour, you will need to enter some data which are not readily available from an application you are trying to access. ( For example, in case of iTunes you will need to know "Machine ID" and "Database ID" ). There are two ways around this problem. You can see these values using any Bonjour Browser (I am using this one). Alternatively, if you try to configure Bonjour item while connected DIRECTLY to the sub-net where corresponding service is running, AlmostVPN will attempt to retrieve all needed values automatically.
Beta 4:
    What was fixed

    Bunch of small (and not so small) bugs. I could fix even more bugs if anyone will provide any kind of feedback on the product.

    What is new

    It is packaged as Preference Pane again!!!
    Functional traffic utilization charting.

    What does not Work

    Quite a few things still do not work, but things should speed up now, so stay tuned.
Beta 3:
    What was fixed

    "Dead after 7 starts" problem fixed

    What is new

    Support for "automatic" profile start/stop (at boot/at login)
    "Proper" reaction on sleep/fast user switch
    'Fire and forget" profiles (very useful for files upload/download)
    Working Monitor/Log page
    New icons

    What does not Work

    Quite a few things still do not work, but things should speed up now, so stay tuned.
Beta 2:
    What is new

    Files related functionality have been implemented. It is possible to configure profile which will upload/download/execute file of your choice.
    Printers related functionality partially implemented. It is possible to print to "IPP" printer (printer shared via CUPS == Apple or almost any Linux ).

    What does not Work

    I really wanted to be able to do remote Faxing, but so far I was quite unsuccessful. I will keep digging.
Beta 1:
    What was fixed

    Biggest problem and Most obvious problem of Beta 0 are fixed now.

    What is new

    Now it is possible to choose to 'use Bonjour' for Drives. If you do so, than AlmostVPN will not mount the drive automatically, but instead will "publish" it via Bonjour, so you will be able to see it in 'Finder/Network" and mount when you need it in "normal" way (by clicking connect)

    What does not Work

    This build will not work on Panther. Sorry. I will rectify this problem with next build.
Beta 0:
    This is initial build of AlmostVPN 1.0. Functionally this build is similar to 0.9.x, but is is not as stable as 0.9.x.

    What Works

    "Plain Old Tunnels" (-L)
    AFP and SMB drives access.
    Host aliasing (similar to Almost VPN Connection in 0.9.x). Try to drag the whole host to the profile.

    What does not Work

    Compare to 0.9.x, you can not setup profile to be started on login
    You can configure AlmostVPN for multi-hope tunnels, but back-end does not support it yet.
    Reverse tunnels (-R) do not work.
    Widget and Menu Bar integration.

    What is new

    Now it is possible to mount AFP drives from more than one remote host at the same time AND use SMB drives even if you have Windows File Sharing ON.
    You can have more than one profile running at the same time

    Biggest problem

    This build is using plain text file to store passwords (~/.almostvpn.ssp) , so you should not use it in the environment where your home directory could be compromised. Ticket #152 used to track this problem.

    Most obvious problem
    Sometimes you need to click "Start" button twice to get first profile running. Ticket #153 used to track this problem.
Versienummer 1.0 Beta 5
Besturingssystemen macOS
Website LeapingBytes
Bestandsgrootte 2,69MB
Licentietype Freeware

Door Japke Rosink


21-06-2006 • 16:06

1 Linkedin Google+

Bron: LeapingBytes


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Wijzig sortering
deze versie start bij mij niet op (10.4.6 PPC), noch als gewone gebruiker in de System Preferences geinstalleerd, noch wanneer geinstalleerd voor alle gebruikers. Ik had versie 9.14, die deed het prima... Enig idee iemand?

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