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Bron: LeapingBytes

AlmostVPN is een Preference Panel voor het Mac OS X-platform waarmee je verschillende ssh-tunnels in kan stellen. Het gebruikt launchd voor het aansturen van deze ssh-tunnels en kan tunnel definities importeren van de programma's SSH Tunnel Manager en SSHKeychain. Met AlmostVPN kan je op een eenvoudige manier bijvoorbeeld remote volumes aankoppelen via een SSH tunnel. Versie 0.9.14 is beschikbaar met de volgende aanpassingen:

Version 0.9.14:

What is New:
This version should be able to recover connections after "sleep", even if it takes some time to establish actual connection to the network (like in case of slow WiFi). Finally AlmostVPN distribution includes clickable uninstall!!!

What Was Fixed Since 0.9.13:
  • Ticket #139. Reconnect after sleep
  • Ticket #140. Proper handling drive names with spaces (and other special characters)
  • Ticket #143. "No address associated with node name" on Panther
  • Ticket #149. Uninstall !!!
  • Ticket #151. It looks like sometimes AlmostVPN generated bad passwords for AlmostVPN.keychain

Version 0.9.13:

What is New:
Finally, users without administrative privileges can use AlmostVPN. They can do it in one of two ways:
  • it is possible to specify user name along with password for account with administrative privileges,
  • it is possible to run AlmostVPN in 'can not sudo' mode.
NOTE: if AlmostVPN runs in 'can not sudo' mode, following features become unavailable:
  • AlmostVPN Connections (second tab),
  • SMB (Windows) drives,
  • "Local" Tunnels with source port less then 1024
AlmostVPN become much better in parsing existing ssh command lines (Quick Config/Command Line). Now it will parse properly ANY valid ssh command line (and it will beep on invalid one). Also, now it is possible to specify any ssh option via Extra Options text field in "Account/Options".

The way AlmostVPN reacts to slow SSH connections was greatly improved. Especially, in the area of mounting remote drives over such connections.

Some of you reported problems with 10.4.5 (some of you who use Upper Case letters in host names). This release, should fix these problems.

What Was Fixed Since 0.9.12:
  • Tickets #110, #141. Using AlmostVPN from non-admin account
  • Tickets #142. Must be able to process "-o xxx=yyy" option in QuickStart command line
  • Tickets #144. Should not attempt any host name aliasing when run via proxy

Version 0.9.12:

What is New:
Most important feature of this release is that AlmostVPN will start to use host names again (instead of IP addresses). People trying to connect to servers with DHCP addresses should be delighted. No more unknown fingerprint message, each time your server IP address have changed. Many fixes related to Quick Config (especially 'around' command line configuration). AlmostVPN Widget now have "back side"!!! It is vastly more configurable now ( 3 checkboxes / 0 checkboxes = vastly more :-) )

What Was Fixed Since 0.9.11:
  • Tickets #124, #125. Widget improvements.
  • Tickets #135, #123. Problems with DHCP hosts...
  • Tickets #129, #130, #131. "Quick Config" fixes
  • Ticket #127. Rendering long host names is broken
  • Ticket #128. "Test account" does not work if execution disabled

Version 0.9.11:

What is New:
AlmostVPN now comes with copy of connect utility ( created by Shun-ichi Goto ). connect allows you to run SSH sessions via standard HTTP or SOCKS proxy. All you need to do is to choose proxy settings in AlmostVPN Accounts/Optons ( No Proxy/HTTP/SOCKS ) and AlmostVPN will pickup all necessary configuration information from "System Preferences/Network/Proxy" and automatically configure connect to let you build your tunnels through appropriate proxy.

What Was Fixed Since 0.9.9:
  • Ticket #106. tunnel selections in profile sometimes are not sticky.
  • Ticket #115. Identity file names not passed.
  • Ticket #120. Almost VPN Menu Bar takes too much CPU.
  • Ticket #121. Failed access behind SOCKS firewall.
  • Ticket #122. menubar icons are awfully big.

Version 0.9.9:

What is New:
Two major problems were fixed in this release.
  1. Mounting of AFP volumes is much more reliable now and it does not have any "strange" side-effects (see Ticket #105).
  2. Launchd is far less likely to go "bananas". I had no reason to push "Kill Launchd" button even once since I start to use this build.
What Was Fixed Since 0.9.8:
  • Ticket #105. AlmostVPN hides the start-up drive.
  • Ticket #111. Launchd button enabled in Panther.
  • Ticket #113. launchd gets unhappy after "start profile/restart preference pane/stop profile".
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Reacties (1)

Erg handig stukje software. Gebruik het zelf al geruime tijd, vooral de bug-fix voor sleep zou mooi zijn als die zou werken.

Ik tunnel smtp, pop3, svn en nog wat andere zaken met behulp van dit tooltje. Stuk handiger dan met de commandline. :P Ook de Widget is erg handig om snel even een bestaande set VPN tunnels op te zetten.

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