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Bron: Five Speed Software

Voor het uitwisselen van bestanden kan je op het Mac OS X-platform gebruik maken van het programma iGet. Dit programma is uitsluitend geschreven voor Mac OS X en bevat daardoor een aantal exclusieve functies zoals remote Spotlight searching. De verbindingen worden voorzien van een SSH-beveiliging en ondersteuning voor Finder labels, HFS metadata en resource forks is aanwezig. Five Speed Software heeft onlangs versie 2.0.1 van iGet uitgebracht met de volgende aanpassingen:

iGet 2.0.1 features some enhancements that didn't make it into version 2.0, along with fixes for a few potentially annoying bugs and several other minor issues discovered after the iGet 2.0 release. All users are encouraged to update as soon as possible.

Enhancements and Fixes in iGet 2.0.1:
  • iGet is now a compiled as a Universal Binary, offering native peformance on Intel-based Macs (while remaining fully native on PowerPC-based Macs). Its helper tool is now also architecture-specific, bringing dramatic performance improvements when connecting to an Intel-based Mac.
  • Improved keyboard shortcut support: previously, keyboard shortcuts that used the Option key to perform an action in a new window could not be remapped using the Keyboard pane in System Preferences. This has been fixed. Option-clicking a toolbar button still causes the operation to use a new window, regardless of how menu commands may have been remapped.
  • The New Connection dialog is now resizable when the local network browser is visible, allowing users on large networks to see more computers at a time if desired.
  • The New Connection dialog now allows you to type-to-select in the list of local Macs (e.g., typing "Pow" will select the first Mac whose name starts with those letters, and scroll it into view).
  • Fixed an issue where the local network browser could display local Macs in random order instead of alphabetically.
  • Fixed an annoying bug that caused a custom port number to "stick" so that iGet could not attempt a connection to a different port until another New Connection window was created.
  • Several improvements to iGet's internal Spotlight support framework, fixing several cosmetic issues and minor bugs.
  • Improved consistency of file transfer status display.
  • Fixed an issue that caused debug messages to be logged to the system log on the remote Mac.
  • Fixed issue that prevented entering a username when connecting via an iGet Shortcut saved without one.
  • Fixed a problem that could cause an extra window to be opened when connecting using an iGet Shortcut file.
  • Improved the iGet Help documentation.
  • The "Enter Registration Code" menu item now correctly goes away after entering a valid registration code. It's replaced with a "Registration Info" menu tiem which allows you to view your registration details.
  • The iGet application package no longer includes unneccessary header files.
  • Fixed issue with "Manage Favorites..." command when no favorites has been defined.
  • Fixed issue with "Reveal" command when downloaded file no longer exists.
  • Spotlight: fixed issue where some useless disabled items might appear in contextual menus, such as "Upload to (null)".
iGet - file transfer
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