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Software-update: XChat 2.6.0

XChat is een IRC-client die vooral op het Linux-platform zeer populair is. Daarnaast is dit programma ook beschikbaar voor het Mac OS X- en Windows-platform, de laatste echter moet het doen met een shareware uitgave. De ontwikkelaar wil namelijk een deel van de moeite die hij moet doen om een binary voor dit platform te maken vergoed zien. Versie 2.6.0 is sinds kort beschikbaar voor het Windows-platform met de volgende veranderingen:

News for 2.6.0:
  • Message boxes are now warning, error or info with appropriate icon.
  • Red marker line feature enabled by default.
  • Added /SEND [file] which will automatically switch to PSEND when detecting a private net address.
  • Simplified default nick-right-click menu.
  • Show "Last Talk" in nick-right-click menu as "minutes ago".
  • Strip mIRC colour from away message in right-click menu.
  • Warn when opening banlist in non-channel.
  • Reorganised and simplified IRC/Server menus and new View menu.
  • The editable Server menu is no more, if you want it type /set gui_usermenu 1 and restart.
  • Option to view channels in tabs or tree structure.
  • Shorter titlebar text for better viewing in taskbar.
  • Removed "Connect in new tab" button in server list, it now does it intelligently. Use stock Connect icon.
  • Removed "Tint (shade) transparency" item from settings and figure it out based on tint values.
  • When closing a tab, re-focus the one near by, instead of always the last.
  • Firefox style close button.
  • The lag and throttle metres now have tooltips that give you real information (hover the pointer over them).
  • Added workaround to show on-join ChanServ notices in the right tab.
  • Tab scroll buttons are now side-by-side when in vertical mode.
  • Automatically change key shortcut of "Marked Away" if the translation already uses ALT-A for the Help menu (e.g _Aide in French).
  • Your nickname in the bottom-left corner now turns gray when you are marked away, just like the userlist.
  • Introduced a delay before joining channels, to allow for FreeNode's short comings. If a umode +e is received it'll send auto-join channels immediately.
  • Plugin API: Added win_ptr to xchat_get_info.
  • Non-irc (utility) tabs can now be detached aswell.
  • Fixed behaviour problems of the userlist pane, which might be set incorrectly if the window was resized while a server-tab is focued.
  • Added a confirm-dialog when trying to close a server-tab with children.
  • Server list's edit window now gives you an option of a network specific "Second choice" nickname.
  • Auto detect RusNet and use /NICKSERV to identify instead of /MSG.
  • Added /Ghost command.
  • Fixed: The WHOIS away-line ignored irc_whois_front setting.
  • Scroll-wheel now works while hovering over a tab (Khisanth).
  • The input box right-click menu now has bold, underline and italic.
  • irc:// URLs in your web browser are now opened in an existing xchat window, if one is running.
  • WIN32: Auto-loading perl scripts now also works from: C:\Program Files\XChat\Plugins\
  • Better command-line parameter parsing via GOption.
  • When inserting unprintable character codes (Color, Bold, Underline or ctrl-shift-a for new-line), they now display a box (previously they didn't show up at all).
  • Tab completion order can now be in "last talk" order if you /set completion_sort 1 (default is alphabetical order).
  • Reworked Character Chart window so you can actually find your char.
  • The time stamp format now supports a few more items that were only available on Linux previously: %C, %D, %e, %F, %k, %l, %P.
  • Included the choice of "Eye Candy Theme" during installation.
  • Included OpenSSL 0.9.7i libraries.
Versienummer 2.6.0
Besturingssystemen Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website XChat
Licentietype Shareware

Door Japke Rosink


01-11-2005 • 21:13

3 Linkedin

Bron: XChat


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Wijzig sortering
Mocht je het echter niet eens zijn met de beslissing om de Windows-versie onder een shareware-licensie uit te brengen dan kan je op deze site gewoon een gpl-versie van Xchat 2.6.0 voor niks downloaden. :)

Ah nevermind, jouw URL bevat deze. plus anderen.
Ik heb steeds problemen wil ik XChat (onder Windows) laten connecten op men bouncer (psybnc) ... al verschillende versies geprobeerd .. steeds hetzelfde .. Slechte ervaringen mee dus ;(

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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