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Software-update: Ability Mail Server 2.51

Ability Mail Server is een mailserver die gebruik maakt van 128-bit SSL-encyptie en ondersteuning heeft voor verschillende protocollen zoals SMTP, POP3, IMAP4 en LDAP. Ook een spamfilter, een virusscanner en de mogelijkheid voor het op afstand beheren van de mailserver zijn aanwezig. De ontwikkelaars van Code-Crafters hebben onlangs versie 2.51 de deur uitgedaan met de volgende veranderingen sinds de laatste vermelding in de meuktracker:

Version 2.51:
  • Added: New POP3 Retrievals option 'Leave a Copy of Mails on the Server'.
  • Added: Automatic POP3 retrievals can now re-deliver to addresses in the retrieved mail's header.
  • Added: POP3 Retrievals now enforce a hop count limit.
  • Added: POP3 Retrievals can now use the bayesian filter.
  • Added: User POP3 retrievals now check that the account is not full.
  • Added: Mails retrieved through POP3 Retrievals now have the SMTP sender set.
  • Added: New WebMail option to disable domain option list on login page.
  • Added: New mail loop and infinite bounce protection system.
  • Added: New message to deal with mail loop failure notices.
  • Enhanced: DNS Lookups are now performed over UDP.
  • Enhanced: SMTP NOOP command now allows parameters for greater client compatibility.
  • Enhanced: WebMail manual POP3 Retrieval triggering will check the account is not full first.
  • Enhanced: After successfully manually triggering POP3 Retrievals in WebMail, the return link will refresh the folder.
  • Enhanced: WebMail 'Reply to All' button will not add the users own email address to the newly composed mail.
  • Enhanced: WebMail session pages now will inform the web browser of the users selected charset.
  • Enhanced: Auto-responses now obey the Reply-To field.
  • Fixed: Occasionally folders displayed in the folder list would link to the login page.
  • Fixed: Changes to the general Anti-hammering settings had no effect.
  • Fixed: After 50 days of non-stop running, the mail server could crash.
  • Fixed: Viewing the manual in NT service mode could cause the interface to hang for a short period.
  • Fixed: Some WebMail spelling errors.
  • Fixed: WebMail Advanced Options icon did not correctly link.
  • Fixed: Missing installation files could cause file browsing in the dialog interface to hang.
  • Fixed: IMAP4 STORE command did not always correctly set the mail flags.
Version 2.50:
  • Added: New 'Enhanced' WebMail system. Featuring...
  • Added: WebMail - New tag system which supports conditional tags, server side includes and custom tags.
  • Added: WebMail - Easy control over color scheme.
  • Added: WebMail - HTML mail composing and embedded images.
  • Added: WebMail - Importance level on composed mails.
  • Added: WebMail - Character encoding control on composed mails.
  • Added: WebMail - Saving composed mails as a draft.
  • Added: WebMail - Signatures for replies and forwarding.
  • Added: WebMail - Correctly view attached mails.
  • Added: WebMail - Printable mail.
  • Added: WebMail - Requesting, sending and receiving of read receipts.
  • Added: WebMail - Block and Junk buttons.
  • Added: WebMail - IMAP4 accessible sub folders.
  • Added: WebMail - Unread mail count in folder list.
  • Added: WebMail - Folder searching.
  • Added: WebMail - Numbered page selection.
  • Added: WebMail - 'To' field display in Sent folder.
  • Added: WebMail - Start page selection.
  • Added: WebMail - Automated password resetting.
  • Added: WebMail - Required fields during sign-up.
  • Added: WebMail - Anti-bot security code image.
  • Added: WebMail - Domain administrators.
  • Added: WebMail - Redirection control.
  • Added: WebMail - Address book groups.
  • Added: WebMail - File store.
  • Added: Users can now login with alias email addresses.
  • Added: New RBL Preset 'SPAMCop'.
  • Added: Domain administrators.
  • Enhanced: Logging of failed login attempts is now more descriptive.
  • Enhanced: Mime types now correctly describe Microsoft Office file types.
  • Fixed: If the maximum number of users, domains or mailing lists were reached, it wasn't possible to rename a user, domain or mailing list.
  • Fixed: Some remote POP3 servers could cause POP3 Retrievals to hang, resulting in mail retrieval for that account being paused until reboot.
  • Fixed: Mailing lists which were acting as a catch-all resulted in unnecessary warning when saving settings.
  • Fixed: An email retrieved by POP3 Retrievals which was larger than the General mail size limit did not generate a failure message.
  • Fixed: Attempting to access the manual while in NT service mode was not possible.
  • Fixed: If Outgoing Mails system was disabled, this could occasionally result in a crash.
  • Removed: IMAP4 'AUTH LOGIN' method which could cause some clients to be unable to access IMAP4.
Version 2.23:
  • Added: 'eScan Antivirus' to approved antivirus scanners.
  • Fixed: Outlook express could occasionally fail to delete newly arrived mails when using IMAP4.
  • Fixed: Binding to an IP would unnecessarily cause listening ports to temporarily close and re-open during re-initialization.
  • Fixed: Content Filter action 'Add Signature' did not correctly perform quoted-printable encoding.
Version 2.22:
  • Added: Norton Antivirus to approved antivirus scanners.
  • Enhanced: MX and SPF lookups can better handle DNS responses which don't fully conform to the standard.
  • Enhanced: By default, new domains are now configured to not relay mails for nonexistent users.
  • Fixed: Corrupt SSL certificates could cause the dialog interface to crash.
  • Fixed: IMAP4 FETCH command inefficiency, which could cause slow downloading of large mails.
  • Fixed: IMAP4 APPEND command could occasionally fail.
Version 2.21:
  • Added: New SPF options to add custom events for SOFTFAIL and PASS results.
  • Added: Lists of IP's now also allow hosts and reverse IP lookups to be used.
  • Added: New Content Filtering condition 'Bayesian Score'.
  • Added: New Content Filtering preset 'Add Signature to Outgoing Mails'.
  • Added: New Content Filtering and Antivirus Filtering action 'Add Signature'.
  • Added: ClamWin Antivirus to approved antivirus scanners.
  • Enhanced: By default, the bayesian filter will not be configured to refuse mails at the SMTP.
  • Enhanced: Lists of IP's now permit editing of entries.
  • Enhanced: Email addresses and user names are now permitted to contain the '=' character.
  • Fixed: Bayesian auto-learn from users would not always correctly delete SPAM mails.
  • Fixed: Bayesian auto-learn from users could trigger even when disabled.
  • Fixed: Alias domains did not correctly deliver mail to alias email addresses.
Versienummer 2.51
Besturingssystemen Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003
Website Code-Crafters
Licentietype Shareware

Door Japke Rosink


18-10-2005 • 13:15

0 Linkedin Google+

Bron: Code-Crafters


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