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Windows 2000 bug top 30

tomson schrijft: "De mensen bij bugnet hebben een top 30 gemaakt van de bugs in Windows 2000. Vooral problemen met het installeren van Win2k en hardware problemen komen naar voren":

Hieronder de nummer 2 t/m 4, om te kijken wat er op nummer 1 staat moet je toch echt even hier klikken.

  1. Windows 2000 TAPI is incompatible with any ATI video cards that have TV tuners. This would include the ATI-TV, the ATI-TV WONDER, and the ATI All-in-Wonder cards, according to Microsoft. They hope to add support later.
  2. Microsoft says that if you use non-International Alphabet 5 characters in the names of Windows 2000 computers, the Certificate Services Setup won't work. They may fix this limitation in the future, but for now, stick to IA5 characters.
  3. According to Microsoft, in Windows 2000 you should not have a fully qualified Domain Name System (DNS) computer name with more than 64 characters. If you do, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) services are going to fail. In turn, that will cause failures in Enterprise Certificate Authority, domain controller and computer automatic enrollment, and IPSec enrollment.

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22-03-2000 • 10:43

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</div><div class=b4>23.You will have problems updating to Windows 2000 if you have an NE2000 orcompatible network adapter in your computer, and it has an input/output (I/O) address at 340h (0x340). According to Microsoft, your computer may lock up during installation when you get to text mode. As a workaround, you can remove the card or change its I/O setting. After Windows 2000 is installed, the card will work correctly, even at that address.</div><div class=b1>

Hmm.., dut zullen toch veel mensen hebben; in een server stop je minimaal 2 kaarten.

Ook een lekkere:

</div><div class=b4>30.According to Microsoft, Windows 2000 Professional may hang after you install Microsoft IntelliPoint 2.2. Microsoft says that pressing CTRL-ALT-DELETE will
not help. To resolve this problem, Microsoft says you have to reinstall Windows 2000 Professional. </div><div class=b1>

Mag je w2k dus compleet overnieuw installen omdat je muispuntje niet werkt??

<font color=DF040F>* [TBW]NeXuS loves open source</font></div><div class=b3>[Reaktie gewijzigd door [TBW]NeXuS]<!-- end -->
Ik vind die no. 1 wat teleurstellend. Dat is toch geen bug in 2k? Eerder in NT4 < SP4. Waarvoor zijn service packs bedoeld? Juist, om bugs te fixen. I rest my case.

Wordt er eindelijk eens geen rekening gehouden met spul uit het jaar kraak (legacy bloat, zoals het wel eens wordt genoemd), is het weer niet goed.
Wat een farce deze buglist....vrijwel alleen incompatibility poblemen met hardware (foutjes in drivers etc.), en geen bugs in de programma's van WIn2000 en in de GUI.....

On a Windows 2000 computer with a wimpy power supply, an Adaptec ANA62044 64-bit 4-port PCI Fast Ethernet adapter may not be able to automatically negotiate network connection on two of the ports. The only "fix" is to upgrade to a computer with a greater power supply.
----- En dit noemen ze een bug in Win2K?'

Dit zijn echt bugs:

- Menu transition effect:
The menu transition effect only appears when going into a subfolder of the folder you clicked on. Then the old fashioned way is used again, until a new subfolder in the start menu is chosen.
when going to
Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Accessibility
all menu are rendered with effect. But if you go to entertainment after doing this (previous line), the menu is rendered old fashion way. The effect only comes back when chosing a different subfolder in programs (like settings). When you go back to programs, the effect appears again. !Note: This limitation goes for every option in the start menu. The programs folder was just an example.

- IE5 bug:
Sometimes you can select the bookmark menu, it appears, but then you can't acces the contents of the menu (and not any of content od the other menu's). It is also impossible to restore from maximized window then. If you swith windows with another program, everything is fine again. This happens in both Win98 IE5 and Win2k IE5.
Sometimes ou can't even access the menu-buttons at all. This problem seem most easily be duplicated by opening multiple IE5 instances, and loading web-pages on them. Then, if you try to access one of the menu's in one instance, while loading a webpage in another instance, the menu disappears as soon as that webpage is completely loaded in that other instance. And if you try to access the menu again, one of the problems described above happens, until you make the other instance active, and go back again. Then it is resolved.

- Lock Workstation while playing MPG:
When you lock your workstation with
rundll32.exe user32.dll,LockWorkStation
while playing a MPEG movie in Mplayer2, you hear the sound of the MPG in the background. If you login again, the movie is skipping frames, and tasmonitor says suddenly the application uses 100% CPU time, in stead of 15-30% it normally does on my PC. As soon as you close Mplayer2 and start it again, it is fixed.

- FTP bug
Once, when I was using the commandline FTP utility, after I connected to a server, I quickly typed after each other quit (then it showed the normal promted again: C:\ ), and then exit, it said: "Invalid FTP command" or alike. To my surprise it was back in FTP again! I had to do the same procedure again to exit to the desktop.

- Hibernate feature:
THis is not really a bug, but a 'missing' feature which I like to be integrated into the retail Win2k: If you hibernate Win2k you can not boot other OSes by the Bootloader included in Win2k.

- Explorer Deletion Bug
This has been in Windows since 95: When you go into a folder in the Windows Explorer, and delete that complete folder, it sometimes (or more often) says: "Folder bladidibla has been moved or deleted", in stead of going into the parent directory of that folder. Very annoying

- annoying Network Neighbourhood shortcuts
How to remove all the annoying shortcuts to shares you visited recently in network neighbourhood?

- taskmanager bug (not a bug, but an annoying feature)
after double-clicking a but on the taskmanager window, all the field suddenly disappeared, and only the main window (with the 2 processor-usage windows) remained visible. With Tab you still are able to acces the other buttons/fields, but they remain invisible. After doubleclicking again abive the fields wich show the processes, the invisible fields become visible again. This is not easy to find out, if you're unaware of this.

- Minesweeper bug
Hold the middle mouse button while moving over the field, and then click the left mousebutton (still holding the middle mouse button). A square of 9 blocks will disappear, when only the middle one should have.

- Explorer FTP bug
When you connect to a FTP site with explorer, it doesn't display the size of the files you select on that ftp in the bar under the main 2 windows (in which it normally displays the size).

- Internet Explorer Temorary Internet Files settings
When set to 25Mb Max diskspace, I found out that it used 700MB worth of Temorary files after 2 months! Talk about a bug!

- Win2K Telnet client is as buggy as hell!
Incorrect display of certain fonts (linucxconf on a linux machine). Sometimes even the conenction is broken halfway a session!
Ja hoor, Win2k installeert zich prima met een 3Com. Ik heb er zelf een 3Com Etherlink III in zitten (en een Intel EtherExpress Pro/10+) en die gaven geen problemen.
<img border="0" src="" width="312" height="130">
ehhhh.......bug top 30??
Dacht dat er maar eentje was.

Win2k.exe }>

* DF040F pr0mpt
"Sorry. Windows 2000 could not
comply to the 'Go to Hell' command
you specified" :7
Top 30, hehehe, 30 maar . . .

daar hebben ze een gezegde voor:

Een Druppel Op een Gloeiende Plaat

en die druppel zijn de patches :P
Lekker ik kan dus geen Win2k installeren op mijn Pc want die heeft dus een 3com kaart!!

Ik vind het ook nog een beetje te duur, microschoft is dus lekker bezig, en nou meteen om Linux te gaan draaien, nee dank je, dat zit ook nog vol met bugs!!
Hoe kom je daar nu weer bij, ik draai Win2K en ik heb een 3Com 905T-BX, werkt perfect!

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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