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Microstar MS-6192 review

Bij Overclockers Workbench is een review online geketst van de Microstar MS-6192, een op de i820 chipset gebaseerde moederplank met 5x PCI, 1x ISA, 1x AMR, 2x DIMM en 2 RIMM sloten voor het gebruik van Rambus geheugen. Dit bord is overigens ook geschikt voor het gebruik van Fuzzy Logic, een stukkie software van Microstar die automatisch je systeem overklokt. Hieronder een hap uit de conclusie, lees hier de rest.

MSI 6192, the i820 based mainboard that supports some best of the breed features. It is a pretty interesting board that features both ram technology on one board. The performance is pretty fantastic if you were to compared with BX based boards though.

From the benchmarks, it can seen that with the use of RDRAM, the system is more responsive and appears much faster than using SDRAM.

The ATA66 result is not very impressive as compared to those from HighPoint and Promise chipset on BX based boards.

If you were to compare with VIA Apollo Pro133A based boards, I can see that both 820 performance is slightly better than the VIA ApolloPro133A.

As we all know, 4X AGP and 2X AGP does not differ much in performance, so we did not bother to benchmark this aspect.

By the way, this board is spec. to run at 100 and 133Mhz FSB. If you intend to run Celeron on it, it might not work provided you're running the older Celerons like the 300A,333 or 366 which is able to overclocked at 100Mhz FSB.

Overall, I would recommend this board to those who have the extra cash and intend to upgrade to RDRAM in the near future.

For those who need just the ATA-66 and 4X AGP, you may want to consider an alternative, the MSI 6301 which also features similar functionalities but you get 3 DIMMs with 0 RIMM slots.


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Uiteraard reageert niemand hierop :P
Tja, jammer dat RamBus een beetje duur is...

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