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Unreal 221 tech update

Tim Sweeney heeft op de Unreal tech page wat info geparkeerd over de ontwikkeling van Unreal 221, die met een verbeterde OpenGL ondersteuning voor TNT gebruikers een vette performance boost in het voorzicht heeft:

nreal 221 development continues, with quite a lot of new features slipping into this version.

Right now, Mark Poesch (the lead programmer of Wheel of Time) is visiting us here in Raleigh, merging in some of the improvements the Legend team has added into the Unreal engine for WoT and Legend's upcoming Unreal level pack.

I'm working on Unreal's OpenGL support, and will soon get a version of the code to the 3D hardware makers who have some driver issues to work out. The Riva TNT is currently the fastest and most stable card, with the ATI Rage 128 looking very promising, especially in 24-bit color.

I'm also extending the Unreal installer which shipped with the 220 patch, turning it into a full-blown installation program for future patches, shareware versions, and retail versions. I'm also contemplating extending it to support Unreal mods, which could then be distributed in a self-contained format (.uzip?) which Unreal automatically knows how to install. This would put cool mods just 3-4 mouse clicks away from users who are browsing mod sites like Unreal Resources, a great improvement over the current process of "download a file, run PkZip, extract the .utx files to the Unreal\Textures directory, extract the .unr files to the Unreal\Maps directory, run Unreal, then try to figure out how to launch the mod". This has the potential to bring mods to a much wider audience.

While I don't enjoy the painful and redundant task of writing an install program, I see it as worthwhile because it's such a critical piece of a game--especially one which is supported by an online community and third-party licensees.

Niet te vergeten ook nog wat spul over Unreal Tournament:

97%> The rest of the team is hard at work on Unreal Tournament, and we're really happy with the way the game is shaping up. Unreal was such a huge, multi-faceted project that we weren't able to focus on deathmatch as much as we would have liked. Unreal Tournament, with its identical gameplay style between single-player and multiplayer (the only difference being bots vs. human opponents) has given us a far more opportunity to polish the gameplay and the look-and-feel.

-Tim Sweeney

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