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Steve Wozniak interview

Door , 2 reacties, bron:

Slashdot heeft een interview gepost met Steve Wozniak, mede oprichter van Apple. In goede Slashdot traditie werden de vragen samengesteld door /. bezoekers:

What's your take on the use of LinuxPPC vs. the MacOS? Many people say that Mac hardware is (and always has been) better than x86, but it's been held back by the OS. Do you think that LinuxPPC can change that?

Steve Wozniak Woz: Many of the hardware advantages that Apple has is due to it's being more tightly controlled by Apple and in it's being more tightly integrated with the software. That allows Apple to make hardware changes and decisions that are more reliable than in the Wintel world. This has nothing to do with Linux and everything to do with MacOS. The basic plumbing is superior to Intel hardware in some ways (firewire on the motherboard for example) and a bit lacking in others (3D rendering hardware) but the basic performance advantage goes to the RISC architecture of the PowerPC processor. Intel's response to this is that even if RISC is 40% faster, that only amounts to a few months lead, according to Moore's Law.

If you consider attractiveness and other external qualities, you can't find any hardware that comes close to Apple's. That's because even companies like Sony, that truly care about the user experience, can't do much about the internal hardware (buying it from Intel like every other manufacturer). Also, companies like Sony are in competition with many very cutrate prices in a commodity market. The internal hardware supplier can't do much about the external quality either.

LinuxPPC certainly has the capability of improving the hardware efficiency and preventing some very bad things from happening and allowing software to behave in more expectable ways. It's hard to say that a great deal of the buyers are much influenced by these things or we wouldn't have so much successful crap around. The Macintosh market would probably be prime and ready for LinuxPPC but it probably needs more ease of setup. Also, other UNIX variants (Like Mach Ten) are available already and only marginally used by Macintosh owners. The performance of MacOS X Server is already quite incredible, and the [largely] Open Source MacOS X Client is coming in the summer.

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08-01-2000 • 12:17

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Reacties (2)

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hmmm... Al dat gezeik over Linux en MacOS kan allemaal wel leuk zijn in de USofA maar ik zie Nederland nog niet zo snel deze 2 alternatieven op Windows gebruiken... Nederland is er gewoon nog niet klaar voor....
En dan kan je die OS wel op een hele vette PC gooien met razendsnelle RISC architectuur enzo..maar daardoor zie ik mensen no niet die pc's kopen...

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