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Seagate Cheetah 18LP & Barracuda 18LP review

3D Alpha keek naar de performance van de Cheetah 18LP en Barracuda 18LP, twee errug dikke U2W SCSI drives van Seagate. Hier een hap uit de review:

So I decided to see how fast programs would load and operate. Though I couldn't stopwatch something like this very accurately, I can just say that if you want something done: This drive will run like hell to get it for you. Loading up large memory consuming applications such as Netscape are absolutely no problem with this drive. In fact, unlike your old UDMA/33 drives, you may find that you'll have to eliminate that donut and coffee break during a load session of a game or Word97. The easiest way to understand what I'm trying to describe is to either try it yourself, or just imagine having programs load without any sort of slowdown whatsoever. Sounds pretty outlandish, doesn't it? The scary thing is that there are faster drives than Ultra2 (Ultra160 for example.), and they boast faster transfers and lower seek times, but you can't deny that something like this is nothing other than fast defined.



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Bron: 3D Alpha

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IBM U2W-drives zijn sneller. (5 MS access, en 8MB cache :9 )
En nou 5 van die dingen met een DAC960P of zo....
NT booten in 5 seconden! (zou je denken)

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