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nVidia chatlog heeft een log neer gemikt van hun IRC chatsessie met Jensen Huang en Mika Hara, twee hoge jopies bij nVidia. Geen wereldschokkende onthullingen, wel een aantal interessante punten:

Q: In regards to video cards requiring more power across the AGP bus. Currently Geforce cards have a difficult time on Athlon systems and 3dfx has advertised using a sepperate power supply for their upcoming V6. Does Nvidia feel that this type of solution will be required in their next card the NV15?

A: Managing power consumption is a challenge for high performance GPUs. Geforce runs nearly at the limits of AGP power today. As a strategy, we will always limit ourselves to the "standard" power of the systems. This is important for us because our volumes are so high. Regarding NV15, I expect our power to be within AGP limits again. Although the performance will be much higher, the 0.18um process will keep the power consumption down.

Q: Will nVidias products beable to rival the quality/speed of the Playstation 2 when that delivers?

A: PS2 is going to be rocking machine. I'm really excited by it. It will reset the bar of "minimum 3D quality" for consumers worldwide. It will also reset the bar for content developers. As a consumer, you'll see lots of content created with tons of geometry. So, 3D processors without geometry processing is going to be severely bottlenecked.

W.r.t. our roadmap, I can tell you with complete certainty that we will "crush" the PS2 in performance and quality by next year.

Q: I would like to know why antialiasing is disabled in the current geforce drivers. It would be nice to have the option, even if it takes a performance hit.

A: AA will be enabled in our spring release drivers. We'll announce the Geforce "detonator" drivers so you'll know to come to our website to download it. I'm excited about it and can't wait myself.



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