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Creative Labs interview

hjs schrijft dat bij nV News een interview te vinden is met de enige echte Steve Mosher van Creative Labs. In het interview wordt wat geblaat over 3dfx, transform and lighting en Kerstmis . Hieronder een gedeelte:

nV News: S3 seems to have dropped the ball on hardware transform and lighting (T&L) for the time being. Do you feel that T&L from NVIDIA lost a competitor or an ally?

Steve: I don't think the Savage part competes with the GeForce part. I can't speak to the functionality of the T&L in their part, since I personally haven't evaluated it. I believe that T&L must be in every graphics chip going forward. The sooner you get it in the sooner you get all the issues worked out. Anybody who has ever programmed complex 3D graphics welcomes hardware T&L.

This sounds a lot like the 32bit color debate to me. When guys don't have 32bit color, they say its not necessary. Then they catch up and try to thump their chest about it. People remember.

nV News: How much weight do you place on full-scene anti-aliasing? Can higher fillrate eliminate edge "jaggies" through higher resolutions in conjunction with increased triangles sufficiently? If so, what resolution will be the new sweet spot, now that the goal of 1024x768x32bpp @60fps has been achieved?

Steve: Boy that is a lot of different questions. How much weight on AA? AA is nice if it comes for free, if it costs too much fill, you can get the same effect by boosting resolution. Also, you have ask what kind of AA filter you are using - 2x2 or 4x4.

The benifits of AA are also content dependent. All content has edges, but contrast at the edge also contributes to the effect. So the only way to tell is to run some content and compare. You really have to do this side by side in real time. Screen captures miss the temporal effects and over emphasize the spatial effects.

The new sweet spot? As far as your eye and brain are concerned, we are a long way from saturating the human visual system.

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09-12-1999 • 13:33

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Bron: nV News

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