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Meer info over Abit's videokaarten

Abit heeft onlangs op de Comdex beurs aangekondigd ook de videokaarten markt in te stappen. Hun Siluro reeks zal gebruik gaan maken van nVidia's TNT2 en GeForce 256. 3D Wars heeft in een artikeltje wat meer info over de kaarten gepost.

First off, we have three models of the TNT2 chipset. Why in the world is Abit making a graphics card and having a TNT2 chip on it? I have no idea why, but lets just see what this one has to offer...

Obviously, the card will have all of the standard TNT2 features implemented on it. The GT2 Ultra will be a highly tweaked version of its predecessor, the GT2. Going down the chain, we have the GT2 will basically be the very standard TNT2 card you see everywhere else. Now, with Abit's history of graphics cards (what history), I'm not really sure if this card will have any great features to make it stand out from the rest. Anyway, moving back up, we have the GT2V. As for the complete differences of the GT2V and the GT2 Ultra/non-Ultra, Abit has not announced those just yet. Now we shall move on to the GeForce line...

Abit is plunging into a very competitive market here. Nvidia has released a very high end graphics processor and it is being made by quite a few companies right now. Each company is adding a special few perks to the card to make it stand out from the rest of them. Abit is now introducing the GF256 (catchy name, huh . What in the world is Abit planning on doing for this card that will help the industry? As for now, only Abit knows. They want to bring out these new product lines to increase their companies reach obviously. There is one thing you can count on for sure though and that's good support with these cards on Abit motherboards. Wait, there is one more thing about them...

Abit has also chosen to add a set of features that will enhance the Siluro graphics cards, mainly the GT2. It's only something that Abit can do and that is using their well known MaxGraph Software Utility to provide for hardware monitoring on the graphics cards. This is a great feature to have considering many users like to tweak their cards to the max. More performance equals the best buy for your dollar. The MaxGraph software is a very nice addition to the lineup.

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17-11-1999 • 15:12

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Bron: 3D Wars

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