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Door , , 4 reacties
Bron: Review News

Review News heeft een review online gepleurd van de Diamond Rio 500 portable MP3 speler. Hieronder een gedeelte:

Overall, I'm happy with my Rio500. I know it's not for everybody, bore for the hardcore mp3 listeners. It doesn't have some features like a radio, but I don't feel that's a crucial part of player. Most CD and MD players don't include a radio, and nobody seems to complain about them. As always, it would be nice to have more memory, but 100MB is good enough for me right now, especially with the fast transfer rate to help me change songs quickly. Also, a remote would have been nice. A lot of MD players are shipping with remotes nowadays. You may say, "It's a portable player! What do you need a remote for?" Well it's hard to operate the device from your pocket, so having a small remote that clips to your backpack or shirt is nice to have. In the end, I would recommend this player to anyone that likes listening to MP3's on their computer and would to take it on the road with them. As a sidenote, the current earthquakes in Taiwan has created a large shortage in Rio's across the nation. The only place I could find the player at was Best Buy, and they only had 3 player, TOTAL. I paid a premium and pick one up for $300. If you can resist the temptation and pick it up as a chritmas gift, the price will be around $200 w/o shipping at

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Reacties (4)

Hmmz.. kheb zelf de rio300..
ben er zeker tevreden mee..
maar die Personal Jukebox dinges lijkt me toch veel nuttiger

(4.8gb hd)
Hoe snel heeft die 500 de 64meg volgeladen via USB?
<img src= width=15 height=15> veel te duur.
kheb ook een Rio 300 maar dan de SE kben zeer tevreden..
duurt 2 min op rio 500
Ik wil ook zo'n ding. MP3 rules bigtime. Waar is ie te koop en wat zijn goeie prijzen?

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