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Asus V6600 Deluxe info

Asus heeft meer info losgelaten over hun V6600 Deluxe GeForce 256 kaart (met dat rotjoch op de doos ). Hieronder wat info.

There are a lot of innovative designs in ASUS AGP-V6600 series to prevent any dangerous condition when enjoying the world’s most powerful graphics card. The innovative SmartDoctor technologies from ASUS includes Fan RPM Monitoring, AGP Power Level Monitoring, SmartCooling technology, OverHeat Protection, and Dynamic OverClocking.

*Fan RPM Monitoring
When you close your PC chassis, ASUS’ SmartDoctor technology is the only way to ensure you that the fan on the graphics chip is functioning well. The bundled utility reports the exact fan rotation speed with instant report features before the fan RPM breaks down or runs abnormally. So, ASUS offers this extra safety feature to the highest performance GeForce256 GPU card.

*AGP Power Level Monitoring
Like high performance sport cars, which need more energy to run fast, the world’s highest performance GeForce256 GPU card requires very much electric power from the AGP bus. There must be a stable power supply from the AGP bus to all the critical components. ASUS’ SmartDoctor technologies can also detect the power level from the AGP bus to AGP-V6600 Deluxe card, including VIO and VCORE, to ensure the stability of customers‘ valuable system.

*OverHeat Protection
Thanks to the intelligent monitoring design of the AGP-V6600 Deluxe, the user can safely run the AGP-V6600, even with overclocking, without worrying about overheat that damages your valuable card. With overheat protection, the GeForce256 GPU and other critical components are constantly monitored for temperature. If the heat condition is close to the dangerous level, then ASUS’ SmartDoctor technologies will kick in. This feature is also very important for bad “heat-flow” system but where overclocking may still be done.

*SmartCooling Technology
ASUS also unveiled its new SmartCooling Technology in the AGP-V6600 Deluxe. It can optimize the card’s horsepower depending on the actual demands of the user’s applications. The SmartCooling Technology will automatically reduce horsepower of the AGP-V6600 to save power consumption to lengthen the card components’ life when the user does not need the full power of the AGP-V6600, for example, when typing an email and reading data file. If high performance is needed, then the full horsepower of the AGP-V6600 will automatically be restored to the user. This means there’s no performance compromise but the average temperature of the GeForce256 GPU and other critical components is lowered from 8 to 10 degrees Celsius than the competitor’s GeForce256 cards. The lower temperature also makes for a longer components’ life cycle to the users and adds reliability.

*Dynamic OverClocking Technology
The overclocking is no longer a fixed setting with the ASUS Dynamic Overclocking technology. This technology can prevent excessive overclocking that can exhaust and shorten the GeForce256 GPU’s life. The new Dynamic Overclocking technology from ASUS can let you overclock in a dynamic way. The overclocking occurs only when you really need the horsepower to run high-speed graphics applications. For waiting state, idle state, interactive state, your AGP-V6600 Deluxe card should be able to take a rest. So, no more fixed overclocking, which is an outmoded and risky technology.

*Shipping date and Pricing
The ASUS AGP-V6600Deluxe is scheduled for late November 1999 release, the retail price is USD299. Price and release date may change without notice.

Check 3D Spotlight voor de rest van de info.


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