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Creative 3D Blaster Annihilator review

Martijn schrijft: "iXBT heeft een best wel lange review van de Creative 3D Blaster GeForce 256 Annihilator online gezet. Ze verglijken onder andere de beeldkwaliteit met de Hercules TNT2 ultra. Ook staan er ontzettend veel benchmarks, oftewel een coole review...":

The new graphics chipset NVIDIA GeForce 256, which symbolizes a new era of 3D computer games, stood the first tests. This chipset contains huge potential and allows redirecting some routine calculations to the graphics coprocessor, which will undoubtedly let game developers focus on higher quality of gaming elements, introduce new effects (such as Cube environment mapping), increase the number of polygons used for scene striving for higher realism and more natural look of the created models. We can't praise NVIDIA GeForce 256 for the way it performed in the today's applications, especially in 32-bit color depth. Besides, NVIDIA Company proved very inconsistent in providing their drivers with the necessary options. However, you shouldn't miss out the fact that this new product costs much cheaper than the first graphics cards on NVIDIA Riva TNT2 Ultra. This advantage undoubtedly makes NVIDIA GeForce 256 GPU and the corresponding graphics cards a really attractive choice. Of course, we understand very well that the today's market is simply buried under the whole bunch of all sorts of graphics cards and it may appear very difficult to comfortably arrange a new transitional product there. You are probably wondering why we call it a "transitional" product, aren't you? In fact we are sure that in spring of the year 2000 the competition will aggravate even more. And tis upsurge won't be caused only by a new product from 3dfx, but also by a new improved NVIDIA GeForce 256 and some mysterious thing from Matrox. Well, let's have patience. Time will show everything. And in the meanwhile if you are longing for a graphics card on NVIDIA Riva TNT2 Ultra then why don't you change your mind and decide on a new NVIDIA GeForce 256 GPU?

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06-11-1999 • 20:50

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Bron: iXBT-Labs

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