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Nieuwe Seagate Barracuda en Cheetah SCSI drives

Seagate heeft de nieuwe generatie Barracuda en Cheetah drives aangekondigd. Storage Review vat het nieuws kort samen:

Also announced yesterday were the newest Cheetah and Barracuda. Though maintaining a 5.2ms access time, the new Cheetah 36LP doubles the previous generation's areal density to about 6.1 GB/platter. Cache size has also been quadrupled to 4 megs.

The Barracuda 18XL is an interesting beast. It too sports 6.1 GB/platter, apparently the same platters that'll be found in the new Cheetah. This means reduced diameter to aid shaving seek time to 5.9ms. Strangely, the cache size for the Ultra/160m version is 1024k, while the Ultra2 version sports 2048k.

Judging from the trends over the last couple years, it could be quite some time before we see these drives in retail channels though. [break] ...en voor de volledigheid hier een stuk uit de press release van Seagate: [/break] Seagate Technology, Inc. (NYSE: SEG) today unveiled its newest Cheetah and Barracuda disc drives, the world's most trusted Internet storage devices. With drive capacities as high as 73.4 Gbytes, formatted data rates that break the 40 Mbytes/second barrier, and doubled external transfer rates with the new Ultra160 SCSI and 2 Gigabit Fibre Channel interfaces, a single 10,000-rpm Cheetah can store more than 24,000 MP3 songs or more information than 36,000 trees made into paper and printed.

The new Cheetahs, with capacities of 73.4, 36.7, 18.3 and 9.1 Gbytes, and the new Barracuda with capacities of 18.3 and 9.1 Gbytes, are the most reliable Seagate has ever designed and are expected to continue their domination in applications like the Internet, transaction processing, enterprise servers, and video and audio servers.

[...] With a 45 percent improvement in usable data rate and 16 Mbyte auto-configuring cache, the largest cache buffer in the industry, Cheetah is designed and built for transaction processing and large file transfers. Along with reduced acoustics and power requirements, these performance gains make the Cheetah the drive of choice for server applications.

[...] Seagate's version of Ultra160 SCSI introduces "Fairness" technology, which keeps the interface free from bottlenecks by allowing all attached devices equal access to the SCSI bus. Fairness technology negotiates use of the system bus to enable the most efficient allocation of resources, eliminating problems in which some drives are starved for attention from the bus and preventing system hangs that occur when a drive doesn't receive timely arbitration. Seagate's Fairness is a must have feature for server environments. Seagate offers Ultra160 SCSI with the new Barracudas and Cheetahs, and will add the new interface to its currently shipping Cheetah 18LP

2-Gbit Fibre Channel is Seagate's fifth generation FC-AL interface. With sustained data transfer rates reaching 400 Mbytes/second in dual-loop configurations, and Public Loop Support (PLS) providing the capability of connecting more than 16 million drives to a Storage-Networked infrastructure, Seagate is fueling the deployment of Storage Area Networks in the new millennium.

The 7,200-rpm Barracuda 18XL, targeted at the price sensitive entry-level server market, is Seagate's first reduced-diameter media drive in the Barracuda family. Highly leveraged from the Cheetah platform, the Barracuda 18XL boasts an average seek time of 5.9 msec and a 31 percent faster data rate over earlier Barracudas. With SAMS (Seagate's Advanced MultiDrive System), low 7-watt idle power consumption and whisper quiet 3.4 bels acoustics, the Barracuda provides a mainframe class drive for the office environment. The Barracuda reestablishes availability of all current and legacy Ultra SCSI and UltraWide SCSI interfaces.

Seagate's 3D Defense System offers unique "Just in Time" (JIT) seeking, which intelligently controls head movement to be faster, quieter and consume less power. The system also features G-Force Protection to increase drive ruggedness and reliability, data integrity features to predict and prevent potential data errors, unique SeaShell packaging that reduces handling shock tenfold, and a diagnostic toolbox including the exclusive SeaTools software. The 3D Defense System helps make Seagate Enterprise drives the toughest in the industry, with an industry-leading non-operating shock resistance up to 250 Gs.

The Barracuda 18XL, Cheetah 18XL, Cheetah 36LP and Cheetah 73 will be available Q1 2000. Single-unit OEM pricing is expected to be $599, $859, $1,195, and $2,080, respectively. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) may contact their Seagate sales representative for volume pricing. Seagate will demonstrate the new products this month at Comdex in Las Vegas.

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03-11-1999 • 03:37

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Gisteren zag ik een prijslijst van Actebis te Naarden de langverwachte Barracuda ATA staan. De 20,4Gb kost 393 en de 28,0Gb kost 513. Beide zijn ex BTW <img src= width=15 height=15>.
Inkoop of nie? Aangezien Actebis een distributeur is...

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