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Tiberian Sun Firestorm add-on info

IGN heeft wat info losgelaten over de add-on van Command and Conquer: Tiberian sun, genaamd Firestorm. Hij zou in februari gereleased moeten worden en bevat naast nieuwe units 18 nieuwe missies en een nieuwe multiplayer mode. Check alle info hier.

The game will ship with 18 new missions and a bevy of cool new playable units, including an artillery piece called a Juggernaut Ė a walking, three-gun piece that is the GDI counter to NOD artillery -- and a multiple bombing thing called the Cyborg Reaper. Hereís the lowdown:

  • Mobile EMP: A GDI vehicle that will disable your opponentsí stuff, even forcing underground units to surface. This baby winds up a big electrical charge, and then sends out an awesome looking shockwave that wreaks havoc and mayhem.

  • Cyborg Reaper: Though we didnít get to see this in action, Stojsavljevicís description had us excited. Only to be found in multiplayer, this puppy fires two missiles, which then split into multiple bomblets that rain bad news on your attackers.

  • Limpet Drone: This can be used by both sides, and is a sneaky little monkey. You hide it underground and wait for someone (hopefully not you) to drive over it. Once someone does, it slows the unit down to a crawl. Get to a mobile repair vehicle or a repair pad to get rid of it. While itís attached to your opponent, it will also let you see exactly where he (and his buddies) are. Very nice.

  • Mobile War Factory: Just like Americans, weíre always looking to do something on the run. The mobile war factory will be available to both sides and will give you the ability to crank out units anywhere on the map with one caveat Ė you wonít be able to build at your original base while itís deployed.

  • Mobile Stealth Generator: Keep your boys real quiet-like, and youíre enemy will never know what hit them. It just canít keep things cloaked while itís on the move. For both sides.

  • Juggernaut: A three-barreled artillery for GDI that walks around, then plants a third leg when itís ready to fire. More of a saturation weapon than a gun with pinpoint accuracy, but weíre willing to bet you wonít let that stop you from using it.

  • Jumpjets: No, these arenít new, but the team is giving them a nifty new ability. When they fly over cloaked structures or units, the hidden enemies will be revealed. Take that, Mr. Hide-y Hide-skins.


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Laat ik eerst maar TS zelf uitspelen als ik tijd heb...
Laten ze eerst maar eens een normale engine bouwen (eentje die bij een multiplayer game niet super traag wordt als er meer dan 2 units door het spel hobbelen).
Inderdaad, twee PC's de langzaamste celeron 300a@450, iedere keer erg traag en erg vaak uit of sync <img src= width=15 height=15>

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