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Athlon moederborden round-up

Bij GamePC hebben ze een handige Athlon moederborden round-up gepost tussen de GigaByte GA-7IX, de MicroStar 6167 en de FIC SD-11. Check alle info hier.

FIC SD-11 - The SD-11 was the first board readily available in mass production quantities, and it certainly shows. While there's nothing wrong with the board (besides incompatibility problems with the Athlon 650), this board really doesn't suit the gamers taste. The board runs all other Athlon's perfectly, but that's about it. The board is the largest Athlon motherboard that we've come across thus far, a quality we don't readily approve of, and just isn't the best quality. A recent BIOS update allows for front side bus speed adjustments (instead of just 100, you can choose from 120 and 133 MHz). Unfortunately, the current crop of Athlon's can't reach these bus speeds without a reduction in the multiplier, which requires popping off the processor cartridge and ripping off resistors, a process we don't approve of here.

Microstar 6167 - Initially, this was the first board to hit store shelves, but was pulled due to the fact that the shipping versions didn't meet AMD's standards for an Athlon-class board. Nevertheless, the board is back in action, now completely meeting AMD's standards. The board is the same size as the GigaByte GA-7IX, which are both much smaller than the FIC board. This board has zero options for overclocking.

Gigabyte GA-7IX - Nearly identical to the Microstar board, the GA-7IX takes the cake at this moment for the nicest Athlon motherboard out at this time. While it doesn't have any overclocking options (even though the FIC does, none of the speeds are reachable), this is the best made board out there, design wise. Unlike the other two boards, this board has 3-pin fan plugs where they should be, and a thermal probe under the CPU. Not to mention that all the jumpers are labeled clearly on the PCB board for easy setup and usage. The board has larger capacitors all over the board, rather than FIC's and Microstar's capacitors that are around half the size. Basically, all in all, this board actually is up to par with most BX boards, with motherboards out any overclocking.


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Bron: GamePC

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