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Bron: iXBT Labs

Onze russische vrienden van iXBT Labs hebben een review van de AMD Athlon 600 gepost en zoals we van iXBT gewend zijn is het weer een behoorlijk uitgebreid verhaal geworden. Hier een stukje over de door iXBT geteste Athlon borden:

We reviewed only two samples of mainboards designed for AMD Athlon - MSI MS-6167 and Gigabyte GA-7IX. As for those pieces from MSI and Gigabyte they were based on Fester design. MSI turned out very unsophisticated and simply copied the reference design. Gigabyte in its turn handled the matter with greater creativity and even made certain small changes. However, as a result we still have only two mainboards as like as two peas. Microstar MS-6167

Gigabyte GA-7IX Both mainboards are made in ATX-format, based on AMD 750 chipset, support up to 1GHz processors and possess 5 PCI, 2 ISA and 1 AGP and 3 DIMM slots. Of course, they also support UltraDMA/66. System monitoring is carried out by means of W83782D controller. The only visible differences can be detected in BIOS Setup: MS-6167 can boast more memory settings than its competitor, while 7IX appears easier to understand for an unsophisticated user.

In terms of the mainboards performance, they prove almost identical and hence we won't dwell here. It seems to be the best thing if we could wait for the other manufacturers involved in Fester redesigning to launch their mainboards. These boards may turn out not only very speedy ones, but may as well have special options for Athlon overclocking.

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Athlon sneller... hoe kan het anders.... <img src= width=15 height=15>

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