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Microsoft Sidewinder Gamepad Pro review

Door , 3 reacties, bron: AGN Hardware

Bij AGN Hardware hebben ze een review gepost van Microsoft's nieuwe Sidewinder Gamepad Pro. Hieronder een gedeelte over deze gamepad, en een screenie.

To test this controller out I played Need for Speed 3, Collin Mcrae Rally, Freespace 2 (demo), Quake 2, Motoracer, Demonstar, Motocross Madness, and a few other titles. The proportional control worked best in games like NFS3 and MCM but was too sloppy for games that require more precision like Freespace 2 and Viper Racing. For shooters like Demonstar the standard control mode worked perfectly. The gamepad fits well in your hands and the thumbpad is fairly comfortable for long gaming sessions but was a bit too stiff perhaps. This makes your thumb feel tired as you get a bit of a workout from games that use proportional steering and require varying levels of pressure. The first 30% or so of the proportional control is somewhat light and the remainder is much stiffer. This lets you make small directional changes without accidentally turning too fast.

One problem I found was that many games like to figure out if your controller is a gamepad or a joystick and they decide for you that it will work that way. In Motoracer for example, the steering refused to work like a joystick even when I set the control options in the game to joystick. The game still forced the abrupt LEFT/RIGHT control like a gamepad even though I had it setup as proportional in the Sidewinder control panel. This was definitely game related as NFS3 had no problems with letting me use the Sidewinder Gamepad like a joystick and the control was pretty good for that game. Viper Racing worked as a joystick but the control was much too jittery. The car would jerk every time I made a slight steering correction and following the racing line was impossible. Freespace 2 was the worst of the lot with basically unuseable control. Fine aiming was just impossible so I ended up overshooting every target by at least an inch. Quake 2 didnít impress either, control was quite bad and I would never give up my mouse for it.

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05-10-1999 • 18:32

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Bron: AGN Hardware

Reacties (3)

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Geef mij maar die Sidewinder Freestyle Pro <img src= width=15 height=15>
Hoeveel gaat dat ding kostuh??? Moet nml. nog een goeie joypad hebben. Wel USB!!!! (Gravis Exterminator is enigste andere joypad met anologe stick, maar die is niet USB <img src= width=15 height=15>)....
Bij correct in Rotterdam gezien voor de dezelfde prijs als Xterminator dus 99,-.

Als die wat eerder was geweest kon ik liever die kopen dan de Xterminator.....

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