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Bron: GA-Source

Ook GA-Source heeft een review in elkaar geknutseld van de Abit BE6-II moederbord. Met onboard ATA/66 en 119 FSB snelheden is dit een erg relaxte plank:

I can say from personal experience that the BE6 II is more stable at overclocked speed than either the BX6R2.0 or BE6. I have a Pentium III 550 that I have run in all 3 motherboards. In the BX6R2.0 and BE6, its top bootable speed was 616mhz (5.5 * 112mhz). With the BE6 II, I can run it fairly stably at 640 (5.5 * 116) and 100% stable at 630 (5.5 * 114). This is with retail Intel cooling only on the CPU. I think that the BE6 II would have been stable at higher speeds with more cooling, as I was able to get it to boot and post BIOS, (but not make it to Windows) at 650. When I got back to the BIOS, the CPU temperature showed 57 degrees Celsius, so I am not surprised it locked up.

Does this make the BE6 some sort of overclocking wonderboard? It is very hard to say. Like all overclocking, it is an experiment based on your personal equipment. Any and every piece of equipment that goes in your PC can have a significant effect on the overclockability of the system. Does that sound hard to believe? A CDROM drive that emits more than normal RF interference can affect the stability of memory, which effects overclocking. Another one that few people think of is the power supply. I have one case that I cannot use for any overclocking, as the power supply's output fluctuates too much.

The moral to this story? Please don't ever buy anything based on one or two (or even 10) people's statements on how overclockable it is. If the person who is selling it will guarantee a certain speed, then the speed markings on the chip or board don't matter. If you don't have seller's guarantee of operation at a certain speed, then you have no recourse whatsoever if the one particular unit you buy doesn't meet the claims of some excitable 14 year old reviewer - "I overclocked it to 418/621mhz and it ran great for 52 hrs of non-stop Quake 7". To me, possible overclockability is a bonus, and not a major factor in what I buy.

Check de rest van de info bij GA-Source.

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Reacties (1)

Ligt het nu aan mij of niet? Als ik tel zijn het echt 120 FSB-instelling.

66 + 75 + 83 t/m 200

Dat is bij mij 200 - 82 + 2 = 120.

Vreemd, alle reviewers (op mezelf na) zeggen dat her er 119 zijn.

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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