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Brandon Reinhart .plan update over UT demo

Brandon Reinhart (aka Greenmarine) heeft een .plan update gepost met spul over de Unreal Tournament demo:

Sorry the demo wasn't out yesterday. 3dfx worked all night on getting their infrastructure ready to handle the demand. They are targeting demo release for Friday morning.

While they were working that out, Tim and I updated the demo archive. I put the ngStats fix in there so it is not necessary to download it. That's one good thing.

Based on feedback from testers, I've reevaluated my method of calculating ping in UT. After ECTS I decided to convince Tim we should subtract frametime from the ping calculation. This would result in the ping being a direct reflection of network performance (or close enough).

In retrospect this was a flawed decision for various reasons. I have changed the ping calculation to better reflect gameplay. This means that you might see a ping higher than you would expect when you join a server. I feel that this is better than seeing a lower ping than you would expect. I would rather you say "I'm getting a good game here, although my ping seems high" than "If my ping is this low, I should be getting better gameplay."

Big thanks go to Evil Avatar. I sent him various test DLLs with changes in the way I calculated ping. He then ran the game and played for a while. When he exited he told me the ping that my changes reflected and whether or not the gameplay felt to be at that level. We tested three or four variations and ultimately settled on the one I felt was the best in theory and turned out to be the best in practice.

You would be surprised how much ping can affect ones perception of a match even if the actual conditions behind a match are the same. I feel the current ping report more accurately reflects what people have come to expect from net gameplay. That removes some of the butterflies from my stomach, but I'm still apprehensive. This is the first demo of my first commercial game so I'm pretty nervous!!

Make good use of to send us feedback. We'll definately be reading it.

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17-09-1999 • 20:39

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