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Bron: 3D Rage

3D Rage heeft een 9 pagina's tellende CPU Overclocking Guide in elkaar gezet. Alle handige info staat erin, dus het lezen waard. Hier heb je wat info over het koelen van je systeem.

One of the fundamental rules of overclocking is you can never have too much cooling, and you must always supply an ambient amount. Please remember though, that no matter how much cooling you provide to your CPU, sometimes it will not break a certain frequency, as it just can't handle it for a variety of reasons. You will increase your chances of hitting a targeted speed if you do have adequate cooling though, and this cannot be said enough.

First, if you do not have a fan in the 80MM bracket that comes standard on most ATX cases, get one. This will do wonders for the air flow in your case, as it will bring in cool air from the outside and circulate it over the various components. You must also have a fan which sucks out, pulling the hot air that collects inside your case out of your system. This is vital to cooling your system, perhaps more so than pulling air into your case.

The most important element of cooling your CPU is the heatsink/fan combo that is utilized to cool your CPU. This is one area in which you cannot be too frugal. The retail heatsink and fan that comes with the Intel line of CPU's is ok for overclocking one or maybe two levels up, but any more and you will be best off purchasing a better heatsink and fan. Some people may opt for a peltier cooler, which will cool even better, but it does have some dangers, and they cost more too. The bigger the heatsink the better, this is a basic rule. Oh, I almost forgot, you must get a tube of heatsink compound or thermal grease to put between your heatsink and CPU core. This will increase the heat transfered from the CPU core to the heatsink, thus you get more efficient cooling.

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