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3dfx: Past Present and Future artikel

Penstar Systems heeft een zeer uitgebreid artikel geschreven over 3dfx. In het artikel lees je o.a. hoe het bedrijf begonnen is met de Voodoo Graphics, tot en met hun aankomende next-gen card. Best interessant om eens te lezen. Hier heb je het gedeelte over 3dfx's volgende product:

3dfx looks to avenge the relative failure of the Voodoo 3 with their NGC. This chip will support every feature missing from the Voodoo 3 and then some. The inclusion of the T-buffer will also give a leg up by adding features at little to no penalty where the competition will have a significant penalty by trying to emulate. This part will be fully 4X AGP compliant with sidebands and DIME transfers (able to texture out of main memory, but that does not hold the importance it once had now that cards are being populated by 16 MB or more of memory). It will include the 24 bit Z-buffer with 8 bit Stencil-buffer and support up to 32 bit color depths. There will also be the possible inclusion of the M-buffer, whose use is not known but will have a smaller impact than the T-buffer (that came directly from engineers working on the project). It will support both S3TC/DxTN and YAB Narrow Channel compression (3dfx TC). It will be produced initially on the .22 micron process at speeds up to and over 200 Mhz. It will have two pixel pipelines, each of which can do multi-texturing. When you add these numbers up you can see that this part will have over 400 Mega-Pixels/sec and over 800 Mega-Texels/sec (compared to the GeForce 256 which can do 480 Mega-Pixels/sec and 480 Mega-Texels/sec). In multi-texturing, the NGC will be much faster in fillrate. There is also the option of adding a 3rd party geometry processor so that it will support onboard T&L (this part is rather sketchy and it is unknown if the NGC will actually feature this). There will also be support for larger textures, but again it is unknown what size (either 512 x 512 or 2K x 2K).


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