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Falcon 4 review

Combatsim heeft een review van Falcon 4. Hier wat info over waar al die flightsim fanaten zolang op het moeten wachten:

I respect Microprose for making the plunge. 1997 and 1998 are testimonies to companies who approached the brink, and shrunk back. F22 ADF was originally supposed to sport a dynamic campaign: it did not. Total Air War was supposed to sport a dynamic campaign which integrated a complete ground war with an air war. It did not. Again and again developers have had to temper their enthusiasm with the realities of time, talent and tuppence. Microprose did not. Eventually this gamble will pay off in spades for the hard core sim crowd. But it may be a while before the tarnished reputation of MPS recovers.

Unfortunately, it isn't only the obvious things that plague F4: the CPU hogging 2d cockpit and campaign; the unfinished Mission Builder; the uneven wingman AI. But in the campaign, which is the heart of this giant, things constantly go awry. AWACS calls can be bizarre (intercept a bandit six hundred miles away); mission reports can likewise fail to pass muster; ground radar is powered down; and ATC will sometimes ditch you; bomb hits which are spot on register no damage.

In a conversation a few days after release Gilman Louie, Chairman of Microprose and perhaps the most responsive simulation developer in history, admitted that the game was released early and on a shaky footing. But he also promised to see it through, and noted that part of the reward for buying a shaky product came in the form of a ring bound manual that was very expensive to produce.

It's up to you individually to judge whether that position holds merit. Given the financial realities, Hasbro/Microprose probably had no choice but to release the game or kill the project permanently.

Personally, given these options, I would rather buy Falcon 4 now and join the ranks of unpaid beta testers around the world. But not everyone is content with this position, and no one, Microprose included, is happy with the current state of the sim. What's a fella to do?



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