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Meer informatie ECTS info

Sander Pilon (Nederlander ) van heeft een korte posting geplaatst met zijn eerste impressies van de ECTS beurs in Londen:

I spent most of the day cruising over ECTS 99. Definitely a nice show, but definitely missing a few big names that belong here. (Psygnosis, Virgin/EA, Square, etc)

Console games are in the majority this year, a lot of playstation and nintendo games. In the PC corner a few very promising titles were shown.

Stupid Invaders

Stupid Invaders is an 3D adventure game with loads of good jokes in it. It actually reminded us a bit of Day of the Tentacle. (Which is good) A more in-depth preview will go online in the next few days, but for those of you that can't wait - go here:

The longest journey

As you might have read in the various previews around the web, this adventure game is going to kick ass. We actually managed to score a beta version of this game, so it looks like we have yet another game to preview for you next week. Again, for those of you that can't wait:

There weren't that many new FPS games, but Half-Life fans can look forward to two really great Half-Life based games. TF2, which looked superb, and Half-Life: Opposing Force, and that one actually seems to be a lot of fun. What we saw of it certainly didn't dissapoint us. More about that game hopefully tomorrow. Also a note worth mentioning would be two new Rage games - Hostile Waters and Incoming: Forces. Booth looked very smooth, and we hope to sit down and chat with Rage sometime tomorrow.

Hardware vendors are really dissapointing us here. 3Dfx is only showing Voodoo3 cards, and as far as we could see there were no GeForce cards present at the nVidia or Creative booths either. But, we'll double check for you tomorrow. Other hardware companies like Matrox, 3DLabs and Logitech dont seem too interested in showing off their products, and are probably just here to 'network' with developers.

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06-09-1999 • 01:47

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