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Nieuwe Powerstrip & Performance Tuner released

Entech Taiwan heeft een nieuwe versie gereleased van het popuplaire tweak proggie Powerstrip, die nu op versie 2.51.08 uitkomt. Je kunt hem hier neerhalen.

Designed to compliment the native Windows Display Properties sheet under Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT, the PowerStrip combines advanced, multi-monitor API support with extensive programmable hardware support. A simple toolbar and menu that pops up from the system tray provides configuration and fast access to your favorite display settings, incremental enlargement and reduction of desktop size, comprehensive color calibration controls with gamma hotheys, the ability to associate specific applications with custom display settings, graphics system diagnostics, flexible font controls, extensive hotkey and screen saver support, a database of over 1000 monitors, and on-the-fly color depth, resolution and refresh rate switching. Additionally, the PowerStrip includes direct hardware support for many chips, permitting an unprecedented degree of control over your display sub-system, particularly under Windows NT.

[break]Naast Powerstrip is er ook een nieuwe versie van Performance Tuner, met verbeterde Savage4 support čn hij is nu ook te gebruiken onder Windows 2000. Klik hier om te downloaden.[/break]

Performance Tuner - essentially the forthcoming PowerStrip/GX clock controls spun off as a stand-alone utility - is now available for downloading. The program allows you to define and save performance "profiles", which consist of specific graphics engine and memory clock speeds, driver vsync switches, etc., and then recall and activate them in real-time, without restarting Windows. In a system with a MGA-G200 PCI card, Voodoo3 3000 AGP card, and Voodoo2, you can, for example, define a profile which sets the G200 to idle at 75/100MHz, disable the Voodoo2 as a D3D device, pump up the V3 to 175/175MHz and enable enhanced 22-bit filtering, and then activate these settings from a simple popup menu on the Windows taskbar. You can latter return everything to cooler, safe settings, keeping the extra stress on your graphics cards to a minimum. It's the ultimate hard-core gamer's tool for squeezing the most out of your graphics subsystem - with minimum fuss and only when you need to. Most new graphics chips are supported, under Windows NT4 as well as Windows 95/98.


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