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Bron: SystemLogic

SystemLogic heeft een review online gemikt van de Teac CD-R56S SCSI cd-recorder. Deze brander bakt je cd op 6 speed, en leest ze op 24 speed. Check de review hier.

As one of only a few 6X recorders, the Teac drive is only slower than the several 8X recorders out on the market. As you would expect from the 6X rating, the average time it takes to fill up a 650 MB CD falls right between the a 4X drive’s 20 minutes and an 8X drive’s 10 minutes. From my CD burning experiences, average times fell right at 14-15 minutes for 650 MB. With speed like that, I found myself going away while my CDs recorded, only to come back 30 minutes later and forgetting that I had meant to come back to my computer earlier. Having a drive this fast is a truly a convenience. To test the drive, I copied one of my game CDs. Remember that it is illegal to make a backup copy of software unless you own it, which still sounds a little weird to me. The first game I copied was Unreal, which I somehow have three real copies of. The joys of OEM bundling… Anyway, if anything, I’m entitled to a backup under the law (err…I think) even though I don’t exactly need one =). The copy was incredibly fast, in large part because Unreal does not take up a whole CD.

If you plan to also use your CD-R drive as your primary CD-ROM drive, all Teac drives serve up some of the fastest read speeds in the industry. At 24X, they may not be quite as fast as those newfangled 52X or 40X drives, but for a CD-R drive 24X is superb. The drive’s audio extraction was also impressive. Ripping music tracks was always done at an average speed of 12X in Xing Audio Catalyst

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Reacties (1)

Goh laat ik nou net dit leuke speeltje hebben !!
En ik ben er ook net zo tevreden mee als die knakkers die hem getest hebben.
Tevens heeft ie een goed prijs/kwaliteit verhouding.
En CDRW gebruik ik toch nooit !

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