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Bron: Voodoo Extreme

Ik kwam bij Voodoo Extreme een aantal interessante postings tegen over developer support voor GeForce 256. Hier bijv. een stukje uit de Experience Developer's Diary:

Well, NVIDIA has finally dropped the bomb and announced their new card, the GeForce256 (previously known as NV10). This "Graphics Processing Unit" has a ton of exciting new features that will allow for enormous advances in realtime 3D graphics processing speed, and signifies the beginning of a new era in 3D gaming on the PC.

I'm proud to announce that WXP has been working very closely with NVIDIA for the past few months developing a special demo for NV10 called "Dagoth Moor Zoological Gardens". This demo is designed to showcase the power of the GeForce256, including full support for hardware transform and lighting.

Development of DMZG started right after E3. Our prototype hardware came soon thereafter, and we began work on the GeForce256 features. NVIDIA even sent several programmers up to our offices in Seattle to help out with optimizations and special GeForce256 features. It has been crazy to say the least: working with early hardware, early drivers, and early APIs is potentially the worst possible development scenario for any developer.

Surprisingly the process went quite smoothly, thanks in large part to the dedication and expertise of both NVIDIA and Microsoft, as well as the whole WXP team. I would like to give special thanks to Brian Harvey, Chris Donahue, and Mike Hara at NVIDIA for supporting this project, and having the vision to bring it to GeForce256 as a showcase of their amazing hardware.

It is important to note that, while DMZG runs under the Experience engine, it is NOT Experience. One of the nice side-effects of working with NVIDIA on this project has been that we were able to implement a lot of new features into the Experience engine while creating DMZG, and these features WILL roll over into Experience. Some of the new additions to the engine are:

- GPU accelerated geometry transformation
- GPU accelerated vertex lighting
- GPU accelerated cubic environment maps
- GPU accelerated character skinning
- Fading detail maps [break] Verder zal Tribes2 support hebben voor de T&L features van de GeForce. Deze info komt uit een Q&A'tje van Datumplane: [/break] James: Will there be T&L and all the alphabet soup in the GeForce 256 in Tribes2? What kind of performance should we expect on a GeForce in Tribes2? What will be the minimum graphics card requirement for Tribes2?

Mark: Yes, T&L will be supported in Tribes 2 (we're using OpenGL's transform pipeline, so it'll just work) Since we don't have a sample board, I can't comment on performance, but I expect it will be very good. Tribes 2 with the details cranked WAY down should play on pretty much any card with a good OpenGL driver... that said, expect play on low end cards to be suboptimal. [break] Planet Siege besloot daarop nog twee vragen richting Dynamix af te vuren... [/break] PSS:Will Tribes 2 support T&L exclusively with the GeForce 256, or will it work on all the new cards that support T&L? (I have seen that the Voodoo 4 and Savage 2000 will also both likely have T&L support).

Mark: Tribes 2 uses OpenGL to do all its transform and lighting - so any card that has T&L support and has an OpenGL driver that supports T&L will work with T2.

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