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Bron: Thresh's FiringSquad

Thresh's FiringSquad heeft een interview gehad met Landon Montgomery over de expansion pack voor Half-Life, genaamd Opposing Force. Er staan overigens ook wat mooie screens bij. Check het hele interview hier.

Thresh's Firingsquad: What can you tell us about the AI in Opp For? Will you ever be able to communicate with some of your fellow soldiers and coordinate attacks, etc?

Landon Montgomery: The AI in OpFor is essentially the AI you found in HL, but tweaked to fit the particular characters you now encounter. For example, the squad based AI you came across in the form of enemy soldiers in HL has been carried over to not only your own squad mates as they work with you, but to the Shock Troopers as they work together to put a halt to your progress. It's very cool to see your squad of soldiers working together as unit against an equally intelligent pack of Shock Troopers or Voltigores.

We have this little test map to demonstrate the squad interaction and on one side of this crate filled room you find a pack of Shock Troopers. In the opposite corner of the same side, you find a pack of Voltigores. You occupy the other side with a small squad of soldiers and a medic. You can just imagine the war the ensues.

You'll be able to command your fellow soldiers in much the same manner you did with the original friendly NPCs in HL. You can gather a squad of several soldiers together and have them follow you into combat. Once in the heat of things, they react independently in their firefights with the medic healing those in need as he's able to.

FS: What sorts of new weapons can we expect to see in the game?

LM: We have 9 new weapons, which is just unheard of in most traditional add-on packs. They range from the melee attack of the new pipe wrench, complete with a secondary overhanded wind-up swing that dramatically increases the damage dealt, to the Desert Eagle with its laser sighted, incredibly accurate secondary firing mode. The M-249 SAW is the perfect weapon for serious mowdown when the need arises and we have a nice selection of exotic weapons that we're keeping secret for right now but it's safe to say that people will be thrilled with their new arsenal of weaponry.

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