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C400 overclocking

Ook AGN 3D heeft wat zitten oc'en met de nieuwe Celerons. Hun eerste ervaringen:

After hearing all of the hoopla of the Celeron 366 and 400 processors on every single major news site, I decided that I had to get 1 of each to try them out so that everyone could be more educated. Unlike the Pentium 2 line of processors, the Celeron line has a 66MHz Front Side Bus (FSB). This may change in the future, but currently Intel has reserved the stardom of the 100MHz FSB to its P2 and Xeon processors. The new Celerons also come in two different chip types, the familiar Slot 1 and a new PPGA form factor, which is basically a slightly larger socket 7 setup. I would recommend the Slot 1 version over the PPGA for anyone, because there is more upgrade and cooling options with Slot 1.

In order to get the higher processor speeds out of the chip, Intel has introduced higher clock speed multipliers, 5.5 and 6 for the new Celeron chips. The higher multiplier actually makes the Celeron 366 a much better buy for the overclocker, because it should be more overclockable. Currently the only chip I have is a Celeron 400, sent to me by the folks over at Multi Wave ($135 for 366, $185 for 400), a pretty sharp mail-order outlet. They have the 366 and the 400 in stock now for the lowest prices on pricewatch. I also ordered online and had a confirmation email a few hours later and a Fedex tracking number an hour after that. This type of service is what helps to restore faith in the online shopping community.

After making the purchase of the processor, I started getting a little bit worried. After all the processor was a 400 with a 6.0 multiplier and my Abit BH6 only supports a 5.5 multiplier. This would basically make the CPU worthless to me until Abit released a bios update that allowed for the higher multiplier. After receiving the processor this morning I was determined to get it running, so I played around to see if there was an imaginary 6.0 setting. There actually was, by setting the CPU to 4.0 with a 66MHz Bus, I was able to get it running at 400MHz. A quick test showed that it worked fine at 400MHz, so I decided to go the next step. Here is what I have succeeded in doing so far:

- 4(6)X66 Runs at 400 – Works Fine

- 4(6)X75 Runs at 450 – Works Fine, not quite

300A@450 level performance though due to the fact that you are on a slower 75MHz FSB Bus.

- 4(6)X83 Runs at 498(500) – Would not boot Win98 – Removed my network card and it worked… could not get it to continue running though with my retail fan. When I get the new fan, I will do further testing.

- 4(6)X100 Runs at 600 – Gets to the post and goes to start Win98 but locks up.. processor is VERY hot… gotta get a real fan one of these days J

- 4(6)X103(Turbo) RIP – Will not even post

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08-01-1999 • 18:44

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Bron: AGN3D

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