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Meer info over Cyrix dood

Zoals we gisteren ook al in dit nieuwsbericht postten lijkt het erop dat VIA Cyrix uitsluitend heeft overgenomen ivm haar patenten, niet om de (veelbelovende) processor designs die het in ontwikkeling had. Hier heb je wat info van Ace's Hardware, afkomstig van deze site:

He(note VIA's CEO Wen Chi Chen) then negotiated a deal that has NSM laying off most of the people (already included in the Q4 write-down by NSM in case they needed to shut down in the event of no buyer), at a lower price than originally reported (because he's just buying IP/licensing), and some unknown portion contingent of Cyrix product sales (rumored 50% to 67%). Why? Because the risk/cost was cheaper to buy the IP from NSM, dump the people, and buy Centaur. The M3/Mojave team slit their own throats. They were asking for huge retention packages. Gobi is far behind schedule, and currently limited by a design screw-up to 207MHz in 0.18u (M2 currently at 300MHz) -- talking real frequency. The Gobi customer samples didn't go out in July. Stan Swearingin (sp?), who was widely quoted in many articles at the time of the initial sale, quietly quit a couple weeks ago. The whole Mojave team was let go today. Any Via x86 designs will come from Austin/Winchip. you're probably curious about what happened here. National (who knows who actually made the decision) laid off 168 people throughout all of the Cyrix sites: Richardson, Arlington, Mesa, and Santa Clara. The bulk of the layoffs came from technical marketing, marketing, sales, and M3. That's right, M3 has been delayed indefinitely. I don't care if you let that info fly. I really don't give a !@#$ anymore. I hung in there believing they would do the right thing, and now they pull the rug out from under us. The only sense I can make out of all this is that they wanted Cyrix for the GTL cross-license. I don't think I'll have a job here after the end of this month. [break]En de reaktie van Idiot / Ace's Hardware:[/break] OK, so this basically means that VIA IS KILLING CYRIX and throw away the Jalapeno/Mojave design. Here are what I feel about on this issue. I mean Taiwan's media was all over Chen for his ambition to enter the X86 CPU market. Chanting that this will bring Taiwan's electronic industry from the low end to the high and glorious CPU making top. VIA even said that it wanted to be the Intel of Asia, and with that I thought they want the multiple development team model like Intel and AMD, When they brought Centaur. And now they are killing CYRIX which do have a future design in progress and a good team. I mean that if VIA wants any part of the high end they need at least a design like Jalapeno. Although Glenn Henry will be talking Centaur's next generation core at MPF and its said to be really advanced, its questionable how fast can his team can bring the design to the market given an advanced core's complexity and the size of Centaur's design team. This also leaks the real talents at Cyrix to other companies and made even the ones that stay with very little motivation. Why waste so much money on just IP when you can bring experience and talents with it? Anyway I feel sorry about the death of a new CPU design.

Behoorlijk huftiger gedrag van VIA, als je het mij (ex-Cyrix gebruiker) vraagt. Wat mij betreft mag VIA doodvallen.

Door Femme Taken


09-08-1999 • 02:58

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Bron: Ace's Hardware

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Sorry Femme, maar ik kan er nou niet echt verdrietig van worden, maar het zat er wel in.
O.K. het is heel lullig voor het restant personeel wat op straat gezet wordt, maar die vinden wel wat anders.
En lullig voor ons. Niet dat ik ooit een Cyrix zou kopen, maar toch, een beetje (als is het maar een beetje..) concurrentie kan nooit kwaad ;-) Ik hoop alleen dat het AMD niet zo vergaat, dat zou ik echt k*t vinden...!
Cyrix??? Was dat? <img src= width=15 height=15>
Ach... AMD heeft iedereen bij Cyrix al een aanbod gedaan voor een baan, toen National Semi bekend maakte Cyrix weer te willen verkopen.

Dus, AMD kan zijn design teams uitbreiden. Intel zal er ook wel wat te pakken nemen, zodat hun Merced design/ondersteuning teams ook nog wat extra power krijgen. En eindelijk eens een beetje Ervaring.. <img src= width=15 height=15>
Ervaring? De mensen van Cyrix kunnen eens wat ervaring op doen met hoe het nu wel moet.

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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