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Apple iBook details

MacOS Rumors heeft een lijstje met details over de iBook gepost. Hier heb je de belangrijkste punten:

* The Open World Boot ROM on the iBook's Uni-North ("Unified Architecture," or "UA") motherboard is now fully flashable, eliminating the closed ROM architecture on the Mac forever -- at least once C2, Sawtooth, and the next-generation Powerbook have replaced their current counterparts. Because the Boot ROM is flashable, non-Apple operating systems should be able to patch Open Firmware and other parts of the early boot process that have been hard-wired in the past. In fact, this could pave the way for third party upgrade makers to create tools that will download the contents of the Boot ROM and upload them into a flash SRAM or similar storage on an upgrade card...even on "closed" architectures like the iBook, iMac, and Powerbook.

* In fact, if the implications of this are fully understood, the OpenWorld architecture may begin to pave the way for Mac cloning's return by making it possible to create a third-party boot ROM that can properly initiate a non-Apple motherboard and load the operating system (by the time this is possible, most likely this would be Mac OS X).

* The hard disk in the iBook uses the same UltraDMA/66 bus similar to that used in the Blue G3 -- but posesses twice as much bandwidth, as will all Open World Macs. This paves the way for user expansion to high-end notebook drives, and helps the iBook boost performance as compared to the Powerbook G3 Series, which uses ATA-3 (16.6MB/s, somewhat greater processor usage than UDMA).

* Contrary to the apparent belief of some non-industry journalists, the iBook uses a standard 300MHz copper-interconnect PowerPC 750 processor. Because it is the least powerful copper G3, it is also the coolest -- the iBook uses, and needs, no fans. Many Expo attendees report that iBooks that had received very heavy usage not only lasted throughout the entire show on one battery charge, but they also felt barely warmer than room temperature.



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