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TNT vs G200 vs TNT

OCP heeft een vergelijking tussen een Skywell TNT, Matrox G200 en Creative Labs TNT in elkaar gegooid. Wat die G200 hier tussen doet weet ik niet, want zoals we nu al een half jaar weten is dat ding qua performance nogal zielig in vergelijking met de TNT. Anyway, OCP zou OCP (Overclockers Comparison Pae) niet zijn als ze niet wat info voor overklokkers zouden hebben:

Matrox Millenium G200:  A GREAT OverClocker!  Not my choice for a 3D accelerator, but if you need the card that will give you the ultimate 2D thrills and get some 3D action at the same time, this is NOT a bad buy at all.  But be prepared to OC the hell out of it.  I bet if I would have had more time to actually play with the card, we could have bogged it down somewhere.   But still, the benchmark numbers while being correct, do not seem to be a fair representation in vid card comparison.

Skywell Magic TNT:  A GOOD OverClocker.  I would have no problems whatsoever keeping this card in my personal box here at the OCP.  Except I gave it away as a prize in Rodeo!  So off it goes to a new owner!  I am told that this card is VERY economical compared to the other TNT's out there in the market, while at the same time staying right in line if not ahead of the pack performance wise.  I am very impressed with this card.  It did not however live up to its 125MHz memory claim that was stated in the release I got.   Skywell simply needs to get a little better distribution lined out and they will be in a position to kick some major ass if this product is representative of their entire line  (which I am testing now!)  I am told that if you call or email Aries Marketing, that they can hook you up with a distributor and pricing.

Creative Labs TNT OEM:  A great OverClocker.  The ram on this card is marked "-G7" for the record.   It is a screamer of a card.  We did have to keep on some extra cooling to keep it in service.  Without a doubt the best visual quality I have ever seen in a gaming card.  Voodoo 2 cannot hold a candle to it, but then again, V2 still is KING of the performance department.  The CL is worth a definite look if you are purchasing a 3D card.  I can safely say that if I was building a new machine from scratch, I would put a TNT in the system. 

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05-01-1999 • 19:56

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