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Heretic II review

Electric Games heeft een review van Heretic II, waarvan hier wat stuff:

nstead of the typical first person perspective, Raven has turned the Quake II engine into a Tomb Raider-like third person action/adventure experience. This doesn't even look like the Quake II engine, it's much more attractive, and features some special lighting effects that are just beautiful. There are a few spaces that "waver" when viewed at the right angle, but otherwise the engine is very solid and realistic. Heretic II relies on magical attacks much more than standard weapons, so the associated pyrotechnics allow the designers to push the envelope on lighting, flame, and other special effects. The end result is a world filled with amazing graphical tricks. The sound effects and music are also wonderful. You get so immersed in the game that you don't really notice the music right away, but it is extremely well scored and fits the theme of the game perfectly. Sound effects are not typical, and creatures make unique sounds as they skitter, fly, or slither through the levels. I was impressed how seamlessly the third-person perspective fits into this game. Rather than a gimmick, the viewpoint allows you to perform some athletic maneuvers that wouldn't be possible from first person. Rolls, flips, spinning attacks, and even pole vaulting are not only possible, but necessary for success.



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Bron: AGN3D

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