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Draadloze keyboards & force feedback muizen van Logitech

Naast de Cordless Mouseman Wheel heeft Logitech nog meer nieuwe produkten in de planning. GA-Source heeft een nieuwsbericht over een nieuwe serie keyboards die in de herfst ge´ntroduceerd zal worden:

The new keyboards offer an extensive range of styles and features that present customers with choices to meet individual needs and preferences. The focus of the new keyboard line-up is quick and easy Internet access and navigation as well as continuing to improve user comfort through cordless alternatives. Each keyboard sports new textures and colors designed to harmonize with other products in the company's new fall line-up. The entire line also features Logitech's signature detachable palm rest for flexibility and comfort.

The keyboards will ship with new software, specially designed by Logitech to facilitate Internet access and navigation. All keyboards include easy-access Internet keys and smart multimedia keys for controlling MP3 titles, DVD, CD music and other multimedia applications.

The expanded keyboard family includes three cordless offerings: two Cordless Desktop products combine a cordless keyboard and mouse in a solution that offers users complete freedom to configure their workspace as they wish. One cordless desktop solution will feature the popular split keyboard layout and Logitech's premium Cordless MouseMan Wheel, while a second cordless option pairs a straight keyboard with the versatile, ambidextrous Cordless Wheel Mouse. A cordless keyboard will also be available as a standalone unit.

All cordless keyboard combinations use Logitech's advanced digital radio technology. This technology provides reliable performance within a six-foot range, without the line-of-sight requirement inherent in infrared-based cordless devices.

Split and straight keyboards will be available in corded versions as well. Several of the corded models will function as USB hubs, allowing users to plug the keyboard into the USB port on their computer, then connect additional mice, trackballs, joysticks and other USB devices via the two ports on the keyboard. [break]Bij Yahoo Finance kwam ik deze press release tegen over een samenwerkingsverband tussen Logitech en Immersion op het gebied van force feedback technologie:[/break] Immersion Corporation and Logitech have been working together to develop force feedback mice that allow users to ``feel'' their onscreen actions.

Based on Immersion's FEELit(TM) technology and Logitech's world-class pointing device expertise and industrial design, these innovative products will allow users to physically interact with anything the cursor touches, revolutionizing mainstream computing by adding the sense of feel to all aspects of user interaction.

The first of these products, the Wingman« Force Feedback Mouse from Logitech, will be available this Christmas for $129 suggested retail.

From computer gaming, to surfing the web, to graphic design, to business -- the implications of adding feel to software applications are vast. Imagine dragging an icon in a Windows environment and feeling its weight as it slides across the screen, big files feeling heavier than small files.

Imagine sliding over a web page and feeling shapes, textures, liquids, hills, valleys, and other physical sensations.

Imagine playing an adventure game and feeling clues hidden in the darkness. Imagine designing a new product and being able to feel the contours of the form. Imagine using educational software to learn about gravity, friction, inertia, and magnetism and feeling each sensation with stunning realism.

The power of feel is diverse, from making e-commerce a ``hands-on'' experience that rivals real shopping, to making educational software more physically intuitive, to making design more realistic and enjoyable.

``We are bringing a new mode of human-computer interaction to mass markets,'' says Louis Rosenberg, Immersion's president. ``We expect it to fundamentally change the way people think about computing, making the digital world of software tangible and accessible. A good user interface will no longer just look good, it will feel good -- intuitive and satisfying, just like the real world.''

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cool, ik wil ook een force feedback muis
O wat krijgen we nu dan??
ForceFeedback RSI ofzo.<img src= width=15 height=15>
hebbie wel een zware muisbal nodig <img src= width=15 height=15><img src= width=15 height=15>

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