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Diamond Viper V770 Ultra review

Bij Glide Underground hebben ze een review van de Diamond Viper V770 Ultra gepost. Hier heb je een stuk info over 32-bit rendering op de TNT2/V770:

Many people out there doubt the abilities of a card that supports 32 bit, which makes nearly every card in the market, except of course for 3Dfx card, fall into that category. 32 bit simply means there will be a much larger color palette available for the video card to render a scene. This results in more smoothly blended colors, which are more vibrant. Without 32 bit color in games like Quake 3, major dithering effects are visible on smoke trails, and fire. But switch over to 32 bit, and it's all gone. Eventually, more and more games will take advantage of 32 bit colors, and a Voodoo 3 will be completely useless. Sure, the V3 wins at yesterday's games, but what about tomorrow's games? That's what your buying the card for isn't it? Any card now will run Quake 2 far more than playable. What about games like Unreal 2? Quake 4 and the Trinity engine? All of these games will most likely have 32 bit textures, at high resolutions. So if you don't want to have to buy another video card, personally, I'd stay away from Voodoo until 3Dfx pushes up their feature list.

Verder geen overklok info, maar wel veel benchmarks. Check de review hier.



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