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Raven / Soldier of Fortune interview

Door , 0 reacties, bron: 10 Questions with Samhell

Samhell heeft in z'n column bij Shugashack een interview gepost met Eric Biesmann, project leader van het spel Soldier of Fortune. Hier heb je vraag 2:

2. What will set Soldier of Fortune's AI about from, say, HL or Kingpin? What kind of interaction will there be between environment characters and your character?

I really don't want to make any comparisons between Soldier of Fortune and other games because they are always so biased. Instead, I will just say that we are focusing hard to make sure that the AI adds to the game instead of detracts. In the end, it's easiest to say that the game will be both challenging and fun and leave it at that. Enemies will be smart enough to take cover, run away when outgunned, and lean around corners to mow the player down. On top of that, with our new scripting language, enemies and NPCs will be set to do things beyond 'wait for the player and kill him.' In a lot of games, enemies are placed to stand in a spot until they detect the character and then try to kill him. In Soldier of Fortune, we are setting it up so that enemies (and NPCs!) will be doing things instead of waiting for the player. This adds to the player's immersion in the game and really helps to draw the player in. Examples include smoking a cigarette, talking to a buddy, looking through binoculars, and working with machinery. There will also be many areas where the player learns information from characters as the game progresses. All of this will be done through in-game cinematic that will give the player a strong 'action-movie' type feel to the game.

ff snuffelen of ik nog een paar SoF screenshots op m'n FTP heb liggen....hoppa:

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