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Tommie zegt sorrie

Hee kijk nou : Thomas Pabst (ook wel Tomzilla genoemd) zegt sorrie. Hier ff een clip uit de reactie op zn site :

Still I am completely aware that I have to apologize for publishing numbers that don't really represent what they are supposed to, the real world average frame rate in Q3TEST. I can also not say for sure, if the rating of the different cards is indeed correct, although I am personally convinced that we will still see the same ranking list once the proper test has been made available. To make this serious mistake good again, I will hurry to compare all these cards with different software, to give you something we all feel safe with.

Verder biedt ie z'n excuses aan aan zijn lezers en Brian Hook. Maar moest die foto er nou absoluut naast??


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Bron: Ars Technica

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no problemo voor tommie. ook tommie zit wel eens te slapen. zoveel jaren tweaking info kan dit wel overleven. tommie gaat door.<img src= width=15 height=15>
Dit vind ik ook een erg prettige opmerking van hem <img src= width=15 height=15>:

"The fact that it has become rather cool to criticize each of my articles just to cover the lack of own ideas or abilities is something that I have noticed quite a while ago. It usually doesn't bother me too much, since I think that people with this kind of attitude have probably not made it very far in life, which is why they try and compensate this lack of satisfaction on the Internet. I learned to live with the fact that hundreds where copying my articles or ideas long before that, and I survived that too. I know that many successful webmasters besides me are just as annoyed about disgusting comments in emails, message boards or on hopelessly competing websites, we all are very aware of the unpleasant side of the Internet. This is the side where small people make themselves very big, since they are protected by the anonymity of the web. Now this may be one thing, but using Brian Hook as vehicle to pursue some personal vendetta against me is something that's going a bit too far."

Je kunt zeggen wat je wilt, maar als-tie update dan brengt -ie ook meteen heeeel veel leven in de brouwerij <img src= width=15 height=15>.
Tom = God (althans, dat denkt hij)
Al die web-sites die hopelessly aan het "competen" zijn.... WAKE UP TOM!

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