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Tom over Q3Test Timedemo

Tom heeft nu een editorial geschreven over zijn methode om Q3Test te benchmarken. Ook biedt hij zijn excuses aan aan zijn lezers en Brian Hook:

The next thing I need to say is addressed to Brian Hook. I am fully aware of the fact that I haven't been particularly nice to him and I am indeed impressed about his pretty humble response to my posting. As little as I know about Brian, I know that humbleness is not exactly one of his major virtues and thus it was certainly not easy for him to be as politically correct as he was. Now many of you are certainly convinced that humbleness is not exactly one of my major virtues either and I know that it would be a waste of our all time if I should comment on that. However, since Brian gave an impressive example indeed, I will try my best to be politically correct as well. Dear Brian, I am sorry if I should have insulted you. You are the one person who probably knows best why I felt forced to make a point against you. The emails I received from you in the past have not exactly been examples for good etiquette and your postings, as the infamous 'Gramdmaster B', could also not increase my respect for you. Other people may pay homage to you as if you were some kind of god, only due to the fact that you work at Id. I see you as a normal human being made from flesh and blood, who happens to take part in the development of software developed by Id. I know that you are not directly responsible for the 'timedemo'-part of the code, which is why I did not accept you as an authority in this matter. The vague comments that 'timedemo is not working properly' didn't bother me too much, since this was more than obvious in the first place. The combination of those facts with the wrong anticipation that my 'timedemo'-scores would be untouchable made me make my comments, which turned out to be unfortunate and wrong.

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16-05-1999 • 12:05

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Bron: Tom's Hardware Guide

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