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Games hebben gespleten persoonlijkheid

Beetje vage titel, ik vertaal het ook maar gewoon uit het engels...

Gagames heeft wat info uit een onderzoek waarin met tot de wonderbaarlijke conclusie komt dat video games een gespleten persoonlijkheid hebben: enerzijds educatief en vermakend, anderzijds wreed en extreem geweldadig.

Poepoe, hier wat stuff:

The video game industry has a split personality, selling some genuinely entertaining and educational games to children but also marketing some that are based on murder, sex and gruesome violence, according to a new study.

The fourth annual ``Video Game Report Card,'' conducted by the Minneapolis-based National Institute on Media and the Family, was released by Sen. Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut and Sen. Herb Kohl of Wisconsin, both Democrats, who held hearings into video game violence in 1993-94.

``The video game industry has developed a split personality, ''Lieberman said. There are family-friendly games, that are not only genuinely entertaining but can also encourage children's ''inductive reasoning and problem solving skills and sharpen their sense of spatial relations.''

But the industry also has a more sinister face, a ``small but significant core of ultra-violent games that are far more realistic and gruesome than the shooting games that first caught our eye six years ago,'' he said.

He quoted some advertising slogans from the games themselves, like ``More fun than shooting your neighbor's cat,'' for ``Point Blank'', or ``Happiness is a warm cranium'' for ''Cardinal Syn''.

Kohl noted that a ratings system, implemented voluntarily by the industry, is available to help parents choose appropriate games but a few manufacturers still ``don't get it'' and are using violent ads to reach kids as young as six.

David Walsh, the author of the report and the president of the center, said his research found that many parents do not know what the games contain, and do not use the ratings system, perhaps because they are less computer-savvy than their children and do not really understand the technology.

``The fact that they are called 'games' probably leads some parents to believe there is no need for supervision,'' Walsh said.

``Although most of the products on the market can legitimately be called 'games,' some of the ultra-violent games might be more accurately called 'kill-for-fun murder simulations' and are inappropriate for children.''

The report, and ratings for individual games, can be found on the center's website.

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