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Eerste samples PowerVR 250

Nec en Videologic hebben de eerste samples van hun langverwachte PowerVR 250 chippie gebakken. Het ding lijkt maar niet klaar te komen, hoewel er nu dus wat vaart in lijkt te zitten. Er worden inmiddels ook al Sega Dreamcast bakken verkocht met PowerVR gevalletje, dus dat ding zullen we binnenkort wel in de winkels mogen verwachten.

MaximumPC heeft er wat info over. Voor de fun copy/paste ik de hele zooi maar meteen helemaal:

3Dfx has already announced Voodoo3. S3's got its Savage3D. nVidia's current TNT technology is still hot. But with Dreamcast already selling like hot cakes at IHOP, NEC and VideoLogic are once again setting their sights on the PC space. And today, at long last, the companies announced they have started sampling their latest PC progeny--the PowerVR 250.

The PowerVR 250 (aka PowerVR Second Generation) is the latest chip in PowerVR's Series2 family. Although the PC part has been promised for well over a year now, part of the delay--which PowerVR officials deny--can be blamed on Sega's new Dreamcast game console, which uses a PowerVR 2-based chip in its graphics sub-system. But with sales of Dreamcast in Japan nothing short of brisk, PowerVR is once again getting ready to tango on the PC dance floor.

"The launch of of PowerVR 250, the first integrated 2D/3D PowerVR chip, completes the first phase of our cross-platform strategy for the second-generation technology," said Trevor Wing, vice-president of technology marketing at VideoLogic. "The future generation of our PowerVR technology is already at an advanced stage of development."

As stated, the new chip will integrate a 2D/3D core, will accomodate up to 32MB of SD/SGRAM, and will offer optimized support for Pentium II and 3DNow!. Specs include:

2D Engine

Full ROP, text, and line primatives

Multiple video windows

YUV to RGB color space conversion

Integrated 230MHz DAC

3D Engine

Tile-based, reduced bandwidth rendering engine

32-bit floating-point Z-buffer

200M-500M fill rate

Advanced texturing including anisotropic filtering and bump-mapping

Translucency sorting

Per-pixel loadable table fog

Specular highlights with offset colors

If you're looking for that much vaunted dual-graphics pipeline--a prerequisite for multi-texturing--NEC claims multi-texturing will be performed at the back end of the 3D processing pipeline. Whether this will be more advantagous than other designs remains to be seen.

Other specs include Direct3D and OpenGL blend modes, environment mapping, and TV-Video interfaces, including support for flat-panel displays.

"The impressive performance achieved by the PowerVR 250 has exceeded our expectations," said Charles Bellfield, product marketing manager at NEC, in today's press release.

Unfortunately, today's press release did not contain actual performance numbers. Maximum PC contacted PowerVR for more information, but were told "although the official numbers will be released shortly, they are not available at this time."

Volume production is expected in early 1999. No OEMs have yet been announced, but it's widely expected VideoLogic will introduce a retail part for under $100.



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