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Test Drive 5 review

PC.IGN heeft een review van Accolade's vijfde deel in de welbekende Test Drive serie.

Ze zijn er zelfs nog redelijk positief over ook:

The most important part of any racing game is how the cars handle, and here Test Drive fares pretty well. We used the keyboard, joypad, and steering wheel when testing this title, and all of them seemed to work delightfully. The cars all handle fairly well, although at high speeds they seem to drift a little bit unrealistically. Still, what the hell would I know? I've never driven a Viper at 160mph before. In addition to your standard brakes, which you need to be VERY easy with, Test Drive 5 also provides you with a handbrake that's perfect for power sliding around those hairpin turns. It's a delicate art and one that none of us ever mastered it completely. In fact, both Julian and I (we're the two who played the most) found Test Drive 5 to be a very difficult game to play, but not always in a frustrating way. It just takes a long time to learn how to handle the cars properly. But don't get too cocky, once you get the hang of driving the car, you'll still have to master driving in the snow or rain, both of which present their own special problems (like lack of vision and lack of traction respectively). Unfortunately, all of this solid play is ruined by the way the computer plays its game.

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02-12-1998 • 21:01

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Bron: AGN3D

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