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3Dfx verandert haar image

Voodoo Extreme heeft een best wel grappig nieuwtje over 3Dfx... eh, oeps... tis ff wennen 3dfx. Jawel, target=new>3dfx heeft een nieuwe uitstraling en een nieuw logo. Je gaat je bijna afvragen: zouden ze de bui al zien hangen daar ofzo dat ze hun grootse en stoere uiterlijk nu zo klein en verborgen maken?

First, 3Dfx is getting a new logo! The company is NOW "3dfx" (small "d"). If you haven't seen it yet, the good ol' powershield is being replaced by a clean and nice looking image ( The only thing that stands out on the new lettering is part of the "x" in 3dfx now has an orange "Nike-ish" swish across the top, resembling the top part of a disk at an angle. You should be seeing the new logo all over the place very soon. Of course gaming magazines like PC Accelerator and Voodoo Magazine will feature striking new print ads, but the marketing wizards are also introducing TV ads! These ads are a part of a $20 million dollar marketing campaign and will be seen on all sorts of cable and broadcast stations, including MTV, ESPN and CBS during the "March Madness" games (foreign readers... this is the college basketball championship which gets a LOT of viewers). What this new marketing means is that while 3dfx is still dedicated to us gamers (we built them up to where they are today), they are expanding their reach to include an OEM and business image too. They are firmly entrenched in the "gamer and developer army" and won't leave us alone on the battlefield... they are just calling in new troops to back us up! en natuurlijk ook nog kort wat nieuws over de Voodoo 3

Mr. Howse also showed the packaging for Voodoo3. Since I was on the phone listening in I didn't get to see any of the packaging or TV ads, but Chris said they looked very cool. CK says the box is very clean, not the usual loads of bullet points of various features of the card. The photographs on the box are taken by the guy who has done photography Marilyn Manson and Trent Reznor if that gives any indication to the style. 3dfx is trying to make the experience less-techy and more like buying a game console or a music CD. Speaking of Voodoo3, when it launches in a few weeks it will be available in over 5000 retail stores in the US and very soon after that around 5000 additional retail stores worldwide (Europe, Asia, etc.). CompUSA (the largest hardware distributor) said that the Voodoo3 presale has been their largest presale of hardware ever. Interestingly, the hugely popular Voodoo2 is not out of the picture yet. STB will be manufacturing a model called the "V2 1000 PCI". A price hasn't been set yet on this 12meg 3d-only card for $129. There's no new features, it's the same reference card that has been available since last summer in a cool new box and at a great price.

tsja, was eigenlijk allang bekent, maar als je 3dfx hebben wil zit je dus echt aan SBT vast.

Door Reinder Gerritsen

Server admin, Reviewer, Hardware director, Organisatie

17-03-1999 • 00:26

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Bron: Voodooextreme

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