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Mark Rein over Unreal 221

Mark Rein heeft een posting geplaatst op 't Epic Megaboard waarin hij wat info geeft over de status van Unreal patch 221 (die wonderlijke patch die een enorme snelheidsverbetering voor TNT en Rage128 teweeg zou moeten brengen, maar er na een paar maand dus nog steeds niet is, wat we overigens inmiddels wel gewend zijn van Epic). Hier de blah van Mark:

I spoke with Tim earlier today regarding the status of the infamous 221 patch. Things are definitely moving ahead to get an Unreal update released soon. I don't want to promise a release date (we invariably miss them) but we have made this our #1 priority right now.

So why was this delayed for so long? As you know we're currently working on Unreal Tournament which uses an updated version of the Unreal Engine. It was always a key design goal that the improvements we made to the engine for Unreal Tournament would be implemented as updates to Unreal itself. In this way we could continue to maintain and improve the original Unreal game as we developed new engine features.

This meant that at some point we needed to temporarily stop engine-related development on Unreal Tournament to test the new functionality with Unreal. Things have been going along so well on Unreal Tournament that it was difficult to force ourselves to concentrate on testing the original Unreal with the new code. We also got into a little bit of feature creep. Once we added one new feature, the next feature seemed like an easy step and so on and so forth until we couldn't stop. We apologize for this. We will try to be more disciplined in the future.

Where we stand right now is that we've got a little more testing and cleanup to do on our OpenGL code. It is working well on TNT and now that the ATI Rage 128 is shipping we think it's important to try to attack a few Rage 128 OpenGL issues before we release.

We're not sure what this version will be called. It will likely not be called 221 to avoid confusion with a previously untested 221 version that got accidentally released.

Om de pret compleet te maken ook nog wat info over Unreal Tournament:

One other thing. I know we've talked a lot of about OpenGL lately because that's something we've particularly been optimizing in-house. But work also continues on improving our Direct3D support which we expect to have in really good shape in time for the release of Unreal Tournament. Our goal for the release of UT is to have very robust and reliable support for all the suitable and significant 3D chipsets. Today this list would include: ATI Rage 128, 3DFX Voodoo1/2/3/Rush/Banshee, Permedia3, Savage3d/Savage 4, Riva TNT and generally any chipsets that deliver performance and features comparable to these and have reliable, robust drivers for either Direct3D or OpenGL. Of course Unreal Tournament will also support our great software renderer so anyone with a suitable machine (minimum: P200MMX, 32Mb of RAM, Windows 95/85/NT4) will be able to play it whether they have a 3D card with one of these chipsets or not.

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