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Software-update: BearShare 4.8.0 beta 49

BearShare is een p2p-uitwisselingsprogramma dat gebruikmaakt van het Gnutella-netwerk. Dit netwerk wordt door veel programma's gebruikt om bestanden uit te wisselen waardoor het aanbod zeer divers is. Het ontwikkelteam is nog steeds druk bezig met de doorontwikkeling van versie 4.8.0 zoals je met deze negen en veertigste bčtaversie kunt zien die tevens als release candidate naar buiten wordt gebracht. Het changelog sinds de laatste vermelding in de meuktracker ziet er als volgt uit:

BearShare 4.8.0 beta 49
[AM] Uptime Logic clips update time between cycles to 4 seconds
[EH] FIXED Library file list would process mouse clicks twice if a non-file was selected.
[EH] Split Library "Unshared Files" into "Unshared Files by Directory" and "Unshared Files by Extension."
[EH] More simple library database consistency consistency checks on load.
[AM] Reinforced error handling when processing TCP Connect Back Redirects
[AM] Adjusted layout of Setup->Options, and hid iTunes during Wizard
[DM] Restored XP style
[AM] Added accelerator key 'a' for F_a_vorites
[EH] Attempt to control library memory usage on shutdown.
[AM] Reverted back to using 6346 instead of selecting random port on first launch
[EH] Attempt to eliminate some mysterious library crashes by taking extra references.
[AM] FIXED erroneous re-enabling of Chat option

BearShare 4.8.0 beta 48
[EH] FIXED False positive error in GVendorLimePushProxyResponse.cpp.
[AM] FIXED unchecked variable error in GHostsVendorMessageLogic.cpp
[AM] FIXED unchecked variable error in GStatsHostLogic.cpp
[AM] Imposed maximum Host limit of 1000 until the Host memory leak is found

BearShare 4.8.0 beta 47
[AM] Dump hosts-state.txt at the same time as memory.txt in order to track memory leaks in the Hosts module
[EH] More diagnostics tracking library transaction problems.
[AM] Added .cbr and .cbz to Apps/Archives type search filter
[EH] Added "Duplicates" column to library file list. Displays number of additional copies found elsewhere in the library.
[EH] Make error-checking much stricter so that more programming errors can be caught in lab. Expect a few false positives for a few betas.
[AM] Installer Downloads are invisible
[TQ] Replaced the old saved search list with favorite menu.
[EH] FIXED Library thumbnail viewer did not always properly release files on network drives.
[EH] Simple library database consistency consistency checks on load.

BearShare 4.8.0 beta 46
[AM] Better Console messages while parsing Pongs to identify protocol violators
[AM] Reset Upload lastFileByte when files change during a connection to fix progress percentages greater than 100%
[EH] Library console message when ignoring hidden or system files.
[EH] More diagnostic information in case of Library database rollback.
[AM] Restored manual override of Download Active Blasting limit
[EH] FIXED search autocomplete would sometimes stop working.
[EH] FIXED search results stopped handling some keyboard commands (eg. Ctrl-A) in b43.
[EH] FIXED search progress bar underflow would cause bar to draw outside of its borders.
[EH] CHANGED "Shared" context menu item in library file list. Unchecked means one or more of the selected objects are unshared, checked means that all of them are shared.

BearShare 4.8.0 beta 45
[EH] FIXED memory leak / invalid memory access in library.
[AM] Increased max size of QRP Table from 1024*1024 to 2*1024*1024 to accommodate GTK-Gnutella
[EH] Converted directory tree back to case-insensitive lookups to prevent known dirs from being erroneously marked missing.
[EH] Added diagnostics to attempt to trace crash in GLibraryTransaction.cpp (1531)
[AM] Disabled manual override of Download Active Blasting limit

BearShare 4.8.0 beta 44
[JQ] FIXED search status bar only counting in stateSearching and add 1% at a time
[JQ] ADD bandwidth control to UDP download

BearShare 4.8.0 beta 43
[JQ] ADD Random Listen Port
[EH] FIXED Some keyboard events (eg. ctrl-arrow) would be processed twice by search results list.
[EH] Make file lists (searches, library) keyboard behavior more like Windows Explorer. (Holding Ctrl key while navigating doesn't change selection. Ctrl-space, selects or deselects current file.)
[JQ] FIXED crash in VS2003 when change download folder.
[AM] FIXED sending uninitialized version number in Pongs (since BS 4.5.0b25)
[AM] Stopped sending multicast Push when TCP listen port failed to initialize
[EH] Library hashes shared files before unshared files (and after downloaded files).
[AM] Ignore UDP Pongs that give us Private addresses for our Reported UDP address
[AM] Restore Installer Download search TTL across launches

BearShare 4.8.0 beta 42
[JQ] Add Bandwidth control to UDP upload retransmit
[JQ] Test "Windows ICF CoInitializeSecurity call failure"
[JQ] Add nLastDailyTcpTime nLastDailyUdpTime nLastWeeklyTcpChange nLastWeeklyUdpChange into freepeers.ini
[JQ] Bring "Problem" state back, hide detail debug info
[JQ] Change search progress bar from jumps 2% every time the window redraws to based on OnTimer
[AM] FIXED failure to redirect TCP Connect Back requests
[EH] FIXED minor problem with Library Hasher statistics getting out of sync.
[EH] FIXED merging incoming Library metadata with existing, older metadata.
[EH] Add tax-related file extensions to search filters list.
[EH] Resized text boxes in library details pane to show Tiger and License more legibly.
[AM] Send/parse product version numbers in Pongs
[AM] Send reported TCP port in Pongs (rather than local port)
[AM] Ignore private TCP and UDP addresses received in Pongs
[EH] FIXED Crash when un/sharing individual files from within Un/shared Files folders.

BearShare 4.8.0 beta 41
[AM] Ignore PAlt Locs when downloading the Installer
[AM] Saved special property of Installer Download across launches (new version of Download .dat files)
Versienummer 4.8.0 beta 49
Besturingssystemen Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website BearShare Labs
Bestandsgrootte 3,34MB
Licentietype Adware

Reacties (6)

Wijzig sortering
Prima programma hoor maar jammer van die rottige spyware troep...ik gebruik daarom Shareaza ...doet het zelfde maar is een opensource project en vrij van troep.

Heb anders geen spyware gevonden met:
Adaware SE Personal 1.05
Spybot 1.4RC2b
SpywareBlaster 3.4
+ hun recente definities
Gebruik dan ook BearShare Lite in plaats van de standaard versie waarin inderdaad spyware zit.
Met Spywareblaster 3.4 heb ik ook nog nooit wat gevonden :Y} ;)
Tja, zegd dat iets over BearShare of over Spywareblaster??!!
er komt wel spyware namelijk: Whenyousearch

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